Types of Roofing Drain Systems eHow

Types of Roofing Drain Systems eHow


Gutters are attached to the top outside of a home or business just under the outer edge of the shingles. They collect rain water and allow the water to drain at corners of the home or business. This prevents water from falling directly off the building and washing away ground around the home or business. Catch basins catch rain water at the bottoms of gutters for outside garden use. Channel drains direct water to a desired area away from the building.

Classic NewCon Drains

NewCon drains are installed during construction. They collect water on the roof and allow it to drain through PVC pipe so that it is transferred to the ground. NewCon drains have plastic covers that exclude debris, to minimize clogging. This eliminates the need for gutters.

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Types of Roofing Drain Systems eHow

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