Why Hire a Roof Consultant Best Los Angeles Roofing Solutions — Spectrum Building Consultants

Why Hire a Roof Consultant Best Los Angeles Roofing Solutions - Spectrum Building Consultants

Roofing can be expensive, especially if the roof doesn’t last! Replacing roofs, roof repair, waterproofing, maintenance… it’s all a balance between getting the highest quality of professional roofing services for the lowest cost to you. That’s where Spectrum Building Consultants becomes your advocate  – we are not roofers, we are roofing professionals who make sure that any roofing contractor you hire does the job right at the lowest cost to you!  If you are in the Los Angeles, San Diego, and surrounding southern California areas, there are important roofing details you deserve to know before starting any roofing project:

  • Do you have a written waterproofing/re-roof/repair/maintenance finance plan?  If not, then you may end up throwing precious dollars away to unnecessary items without gaining the final desired results.
  • Do you know what roofing product/system you want? You can’t hire a roofing or waterproofing contractor without knowing exactly what best fits your needs.
  • Do you have ACCURATE information regarding your roofing or waterproofing system’s life-cycle, cost, warranty, appearance and other requirements specific to Los Angeles, San Diego, and the surrounding southern California areas?
  • If you are gathering multiple roofing bids (highly recommended), do you have clear, custom specifications created by a knowledgeable professional?
  • Why Hire a Roof Consultant Best Los Angeles Roofing Solutions - Spectrum Building Consultants

What Will Spectrum Building Consultants Do For You?

Spectrum Building Consultants is not affiliated with any contractor or supplier, so we will give non-biased information so you can get your roofing project off the ground with a clear plan and budget, from the initial survey and contracts all the way to the final result. Spectrum Building Consultants will oversee the quality of the roofing project and keep the roofing contractors in check so you have the comfort of knowing your investment is secure. Here are a few details of what we will do for your roofing project:

  • An independent survey of your job. Your money is valuable, and our initial professional survey will give you vital information as to repair, replacement, priorities, and where to begin for you to make critical financial decisions – potentially saving you thousands of dollars. (Not all roofs need replacement. Contractors may not want to tell you that)
  • We will assist you in selecting materials, products, and/or systems and creating a clear budget.
  • We will take your roofing bidders on a “job walk” and provide each with the documents and specifications for your customized project – taking the guesswork away from ambiguous bids, and keeping all bids within the same precise specifications.
  • We will provide a roofing contract that will help and protect you as the client, and protect you from potential exclusions and disclaimers that would favor the roofing contractor.
  • We will observe and monitor the roofing project to be sure quality is maintained and the contract is being fulfilled. We know the specifications and requirements based specifically for Los Angeles, San Diego, and surrounding southern California areas, so we can be sure that no corners are cut, and your roofing project will endure.
  • We will follow through on warranties.
  • We will suggest a payment plan based on measurable benchmarks, not obscure estimates.

So, How Much Does an SBC Consultant Cost?

If you are like some, you could be concerned that the cost of hiring an SBC Consultant in addition to hiring a roofing company may cost you a great deal more on your roofing project – after all, every dollar counts now more than ever, and that’s exactly why we are in business. The good news is that, through our consulting services, many commercial properties, HOAs, and other businesses in Los Angeles, San Diego, and surrounding California areas have reported saving thousands of dollars initially and over time, not to mention the stress that could come from overseeing an ambiguous roofing project. With a clear strategy and budget, and certified roofing professionals as your advocate, you could also save thousands of dollars on your roofing project, not to mention saving thousands of dollars over time because of quality assurance. Sadly, too often, we are hired only after damage from a poorly constructed or aged roof is done, yet we are happy to provide a service that can prevent those financial tragedies for you in the future.

So before you rebuild, repair, or improve your roof, call us for a FREE, ON-SITE ESTIMATE! That’s right, at no cost to you, before you make any financial investment, we will come out and survey your project, so you can better know what the costs will be to use our services.

With our FREE, ON-SITE ESTIMATE, can you afford not to call us? We are proud to serve all of you who are in the Los Angeles, San Diego, and surrounding southern California areas. Call us at  888-225-5312, or fill out an “On-Site Survey” request form and we will contact you promptly.

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