3 Reasons for Common Winter Roof Repairs Leaks, Water Damage and Ice Dams LGC Roofing Blog

3 Reasons for Common Winter Roof Repairs Leaks, Water Damage and Ice Dams LGC Roofing Blog

The annual season of snow, wind and ice can brutalize our home’s exterior, leaving a number of frustrating repairs in its wake. To avoid wet (and expensive) damage to your roof this winter, it’s important to educate yourself on common winter roof problems and take immediate action to save costly, time-consuming damage to your residence.

3 Most Common Reasons Behind Winter Roof Repairs

Problem #1: Roof Leak at Flashing or Drain

Roofs tend to leak in several main locations.

  • For sloped roofs, residents may notice a post-storm roof leak at flashing areas —where aluminum is installed to protect roof edges and corners. Improper installation or high winds and rain can loosen flashing, causing it to pull away. Flashing inspections can be conducted prior to winter’s worst storms to ensure that it’s attached well enough to prevent water seepage. Flashing is also relatively inexpensive to replace, so replacing it before a major storm can save you thousands in repairs.
  • Homeowners with flat roofs may notice leaks at drain locations. These leaks typically occur because a drain has not been properly maintained. When it becomes clogged with debris, drainage is slowed. Conducting monthly to bi-monthly inspections of drains and terraced areas can help avoid the clogs that lead to more major problems.

Problem #2: Structural Water Damage

3 Reasons for Common Winter Roof Repairs Leaks, Water Damage and Ice Dams LGC Roofing Blog

Heavy snowstorms or ice buildup keeps your home from heating efficiently, and can cause damage to roofing shingles and trusses, as well. If you live in an area with severe winter weather, consider asking a qualified roofing professional about installing an attic ventilation system. Attic vents help to circulate air in and out of your home’s attic, reducing interior condensation and preventing snow and ice from remaining on your roof for long periods. As a bonus, proper roofing ventilation can save homeowners hundreds a year on their utility bills, as well.

Problem #3: Ice Damming

When snow and ice accumulate in gutters and along roof ridges, melting water is unable to drain properly. As water backs up behind these ice dams, it can seep under flashing or penetrate your roof shingles, tiles, ceilings and walls—leading to major water damage. To prevent ice dams from ruining your home’s exterior and interior, remove snow from the roof using a roof rake (if it’s a safe option).

In the long-term, it’s important to seal air leaks between your roof and attic, increase roofing insulation and ensure that your ceiling is air tight.

Roofing Inspection Protect Your Most Important Investment Now

Being aware of common winter problems, continually maintaining your home’s roof during fall and winter and a regular roof inspection can help you avoid a roof leak, costly roof repair—or even an entire roof replacement.

Dont risk costly damage. Call LGC Roofing to assess your home for potential leaks, ice dams and ventilation problems this winter, and plan to schedule regular winter maintenance in order to protect your home’s exterior and save time—and cash. From new roof installations to roof leak repairs, LGC Roofing offers reliable and affordable roofing services throughout New Jersey & eastern Pennsylvania.

If you have any further questions about ice dams and winter gutter maintenance, or if you’re experiencing any other roofing issues, call 609-712-8157 in NJ or (215) 932-7850 in PA. We offer Free Estimates so don’t hesitate to call us with all your roofing questions!

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