Copper Roof, Copper Roofing, Copper Shingles

Copper Roof, Copper Roofing, Copper Shingles

Copper roofing looks beautiful, and can fit to any style or design whether contemporary or traditional.

The lifetime cost of its maintenance is very low, compared to other roofing materials.

Copper is a lightweight, as well as flexible material that is greatly being used during constructional processes. In addition to providing beauty and durability, it is also a long lasting material.

The newest feature within copper roofs is that it can change its color from gold to green when it undergoes a process known as patina weathering. It offers a distinct as well as a unique appearance to your roof.

(Beautiful Copper Roofing)

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Advantages of Copper Roofs:

  • Resistant to corrosion or rust.
  • The material is very durable, due to which it is widely used in industrial buildings, and in areas having severe weather conditions.
  • Copper roofing material is light in weight and no extra support is needed for its installation, so it decreases the overall load of the roof.
  • There are no chances of deterioration, as copper reduces the roof movement, which can occurdue to temperature effects.
  • Copper Roof, Copper Roofing, Copper Shingles
  • Copper roofs are easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is recyclable and Eco friendly.
  • The roof is wind resistant and prevents from water leakage.
  • Copper is available in sheet forms, and its installation needs few hours. No special tools required for installation. It is a very flexible material, and can be constructed according to any design. Copper roof flashings are common in construction.

Disadvantages of Copper Roofs:

  • Constant copper covering, which is measured as per the size of the roof previously.
  • Copper Panels.
  • Copper Shingles.

(Types of Copper Roofing)

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With the passage of time, copper roofing tends to change color naturally, which can eventually result in a jadetone. This color gives an elegant look to the entire décor of the house or building. Moreover, several processes are also performed through which the color can change from gold to green.

Cost of Copper Roofing:

The normal cost of a copper roof is higher than any other material. Copper shingles can range about $4 per square foot however; this price can vary with the international copper rates. The continuous covering of copper can cost up to $5 per square foot.

Life span of copper roof depends on the thickness of copper and how it is installed on roof. It can last up to100 years or more if there is less water runoff, otherwise it is can last up to 50 years.

Copper Roofing Installation Process:

  • Staple a single layer of asphalt paper ontothe surface of the plywood. Ensure that the paper is overlapped so that the seam is horizontal, and water can flow down from the roof.
  • Attach another layer of slip-sheet membrane over the asphalt paper, thereby providing protection against condensation.
  • Now lay down the copper roofing sheet on the bottom edge of the roof having the side facing away from the peak.
  • The double phase crimperis to be placed on the raised metal seam edge, and bend it over so that the edges are crimped up.

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