Corrugated Plastic Roofing – Build Your Roof Yourself Easily

Corrugated Plastic Roofing – Build Your Roof Yourself Easily

What can possibly be better than communicating, drinking and having a meal with your friends outside your house? Absolutely nothing! We all like picnics, barbeques and open-air parties. However, what if it starts raining? Does not matter, you have a patio. You do not have patio yet? Build it yourself there is nothing easier! Corrugated plastic roofing will help you in achieving this goal!

Corrugated plastic panels are a substitute to standard corrugated metal panels. They are much lighter than metal plates. They are transparent and easier to handle. They are considerably cheaper but still durable. They are a perfect roofing material for patios, porches, greenhouses, etc.

Those plastic panels are formed of highly durable glass fibers, embedded in a layer of organic resin. Then this is all heated and pressed to receive light, transparent and durable laminates. The paint is included into the mix, so after heating the paint becomes a part of plastic and will never fade or peel. This is one of the best currently available roofing materials in the USA.

Corrugated Plastic Roofing Build Your Roof Yourself Easily!

You will need to make several steps. In addition, there are several tips you should use. It does not require any special building abilities just good measurement and accurate placement.

Plastic plates are not metal and will not handle the weight of your body use a stabilized ladder to avoid crushing the roof while constructing it.

Corrugated plastic is hard to cut but easy to saw use a sharp-toothed saw to achieve a straight cut edge. Better plastics have a straighter cut edge.

Always place at least 1 row above the previous sheet to get a stable fixation also use a silicon sealant to avoid water dropping from the screw holes. The more sealant you use, the better. Place the sheets in such a way that the last one you placed will be the first to face the direction of the prevailing wind in your area. This will help you to avoid crushing and damaging the roof from strong wind.

Measure everything and drill holes before starting placement. Use a wooden stick with predrilled holes to get equal distance between screw holes for best fitting and fixation. Screw holes should be 1-2 mm wider than screw itself to allow slight movements of heated plastic during hot summer and cold plastic in winter.

Corrugated Plastic Roofing – Build Your Roof Yourself Easily

Things will go faster and easier if your friend helps you and it will be much safer if he holds ladder with you on top.

If you are building a porch, feel free to use special flashing to avoid water dropping in a gap between the wall and the roof of the porch. Posts should be placed at least 2 inches far from the wall for better ventilation and construction ease.

First, you will have to build the patio itself dig holes, make concrete footings, build the posts and the roof, place rafters and cross braces. Please note that there should be a pitch at least 1 inch per foot for proper water drainage. Then place corrugated plastic roofing sheets to form the roof and fasten them with silicon sealant and screws.

Actually, it would be wiser to use special corrugated fasteners than standard screws. They are specially designed to hold corrugated plastic panels and avoid damaging them. If you prefer to use nails, it would be better to use galvanized nails to avoid rusting from water leaks. There are several ways of placing screws or fasteners, as depicted in the picture below.

Following these simple instructions you will build a comfortable patio, porch or greenhouse yourself with ease. Try it and your patio will become your familys most liked place to rest!

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