Prepping The Roof For Shingles Build It Yourself Today

Prepping The Roof For Shingles Build It Yourself Today

How To Prepare Your Roof For Shingling

There are a few tasks that you need to perform prior to shingling your roof.

The tools you will need are; Hammer, Roofing Nails, Tin Snips, Utility Knife, Tape Measure, Bench with scrap piece of plywood, Framing Square, straight edge, Miter Saw.

How to install fascia board around the roof perimeter.

  • How to Install Drip Edge.

  • How to lay a starter course.

    How to install Fascia Board.

    • Fascia Board is the Trim Board that surrounds your roof. It covers the ends of the roof rafters and the exterior surface of the Rake.

    • Fascia Board is constructed of 1" Pine Board and is ripped to the height of your Rafter ends.

    • Measure the length of the roof and the height of the rafter ends.

    • Rip the Fascia Board to the measurement of the rafter ends.

    • Cutting the Fascia Board to length.

    • Using your Compound Miter Saw, cut a straight end at the end of the board lining up with the edge of the roof.

    • The other end will end up in the center of a rafter and will be cut to at a 45 degree angle. The open face of the cut must face away from the house.

    • Nail the board to the rafters using 8 Penny nails.

    • The second piece must also be cut at a 45 degree angle but facing in the other direction so as to fit snuggly over the first piece.

    • Cut the second piece of Fascia Board to length. Another 45 degree angle must be cut at the other end of this board, unless the board is long enough to reach the other end of the roof.

    • Continue in this fashion until you have reached the other end of the roof edge.

    • Once one side is completed, install Fascia Board along the roof Eaves and other slope edge.

    • How to install Drip Edge.

      Drip Edge is a metal edging that circumvents the roof. It protects the sheathing from any water or ice that may enter below the shingles at the edges of the roof. It also keeps the water from contacting the edge of the sheathing and top edge of the fascia board.

    • Drip Edge usually comes in 10′ lengths and can be cut to size with Tin Snips. It is nailed to the sheathing using galvanized roofing nails every 10".

    • To install, start at the bottom edge of the roof. Lay the Drip Edge on the roof and press it up against the edge of the Fascia Board. Nail it in place with roofing nails. Overlap the next piece about 3" over the previous piece.

    • Continue installing the Drip Edge along the entire bottom edge of both slopes.

    • Once you have finished the bottom edges, then install Drip Edge on the Gable ends.

    • Begin by installing a length of Drip Edge at the bottom of the side edge and work your way up the side until you have reached the peak. Repeat on the other 3 sides of the roof, until all of the roof’s edges have been covered with Drip Edge.

    • How to install a starter course for shingles.

      The first course of shingles to be placed on the bottom of both slopes is called the starter course. The Starter Course serves as a bonding surface for your first course of shingles.

    • There are two methods of applying a Starter Course.

    • You can cut one yourself or you can buy a ready-made roll. Either one is effective.

    • Roofing

      The first method is a little more costly but much less labor intensive. All that is required is to purchase it, roll it out, and nail it to the roof.

    • The second method is to cut your own starter course out of shingles. This is done by cutting out the top portion of the shingle This is the part of the shingle with the adhesive blotches.

    • Measure the length of the roof and measure the length of one of the pieces you have cut. Divide the roof length by the shingle length and the result will be the number of shingle pieces you will need. Double it to have enough for both sides.

    • Lay the first piece with adhesive spots facing up, lining its edge up with the outside edge and the bottom edge of the roof.

    • Nail it down. Place the second piece of Starter Course next to the first piece. Line it up with the bottom edge of the roof as well.

    • Continue in this manner until the entire bottom edge of the roof slope is covered with the Starter Course.

    • Repeat on the other slope.

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