Roof Cleaning Portland Oregon Roof Moss Removal Waterworks NW

Roof Cleaning Portland Oregon Roof Moss Removal Waterworks NW

Welcome to Portland’s most popular organic roof treatment. roof cleaning and roof moss removal service provider, Waterworks NW. We specialize in residential and commercial roof moss treatment, and  safe roof cleaning in Portland Oregon and surrounding cities. We pledge to our valued customers the finest value in safe roof cleaning and emergency roof repair available in Portland Oregon. We back it up with an Iron Clad Guarantee that you will be so impressed with our roof cleaning company, that if you are unhappy for any reason you won’t pay a penny!

What you can expect from Waterworks NW is an overwhelming sense of professionalism and attention to detail. Many Portland roof cleaning companies will show up and remove live moss from your roofing shingles. But are they doing more harm than necessary to the integrity of your roofing material? What about moss treatment, to actually kill the moss first. In most cases, the moss disappears after period of time with just treatment alone. If your shingles have some stubborn moss it can be removed in the summer when the its good and dry. But, I have found over my 20 years experience in dealing with roofs and moss that in most cases treatment is in fact better for the environment than prematurely re-roofing your home because of accelerated wear. The US Department of Agriculture has strict regulations about the amount of Zinc Sulfate and the benefits to it’s use with regards to moss. If you have your moss treated, you must make sure the the company has the proper license to perform the work. Waterworks NW is licensed through the US Department of Agriculture. our license number is AG-L1015849CPO, AG-l1015838CPA. We are also licensed to do roof repair service on cedar shake and composition.

From time to time we are asked for references of previous clients before a potential customer decides on a roof repair and roof cleaning service provider in Portland. We value our privacy and especially our clients. Waterworks NW will never give out our client’s private information, just to land a job. We are interested in building a long term relationship with our clients based on trust, professionalism and quality of service. We are not out to make a quick buck. Mark Poole, Owner of Waterworks NW is licensed by the US Department of Agriculture to deal with  mosses. algae and lichen and the problems they can cause to structures. Commercial Pesticide Operator AG-L1015849CPO, Commercial Pesticide Applicator AG-l1015838CPA

Hiring a SAFE roof cleaning company

Roof Cleaning Portland Oregon Roof Moss Removal Waterworks NW

What we hope to accomplish is educate our potential customers with the options available to safely deal with problems such as moss. mold and roof damage. Once our potential clients have been given all the options on roof cleaning methods, and treatments, roof damage options they will have a clear understanding of what questions they need to ask vendors regarding roof maintenance. If you are thinking of having roof moss removal service or your shingles pressure washed or brushed for moss, make sure to consider other alternatives first. Pressure washing and brushing moss causes premature wear and granule loss which can lead to roof repair costs. But for some, it still may be a viable option given their own personal circumstances. Give us a call today (503) 844-6788 or click Contact Us in the upper right hand corner and I guarantee you will be impressed.

Organic roof treatment and roof cleaning service in Portland, Oregon

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