Roofing Contractors Albany, NY Metal Roofs & Roof Replacement

Roofing Contractors Albany, NY Metal Roofs & Roof Replacement

Welcome to another world where quality craftsmanship and precision work from another time still exist today.

Owner, Tom Harrington has been an artisan roofing installation expert for over 18 years. When it comes to metal roofs, he prides himself on the quality work that he does for each and every one of his customers. His metal roofs are aesthetically pleasing, as the metal adds "sparkle" to any home. Let Tom accent your house with his beautiful metal, whether the accents are functional or just for looks. If you are in need of roof replacement, why not call one of the most unique roofing contractors in the area. Call Old World Copper today.

He specializes in.

  • Metal roofs
  • Bay window roofs
  • Gutters
  • Flashing
  • Copper dormers
  • Seam copper
  • Other embellishments
  • Old World Copper of Saratoga can help you transform an existing historic home from just another house to the stand out property of the neighborhood with a beautiful roof replacement.

    Roofing Contractors Albany, NY Metal Roofs & Roof Replacement

    Create a unique home with metal roofs!

    Old World Copper has established itself as the premier source in the Capital Region for new home designs. When you are looking for roofing contractors, why not one choose on that caters to home builders and owners that want to create a lasting impression and a roof that will be functional for generations to come! Choose Old World Copper of Saratoga for a unique look that will surely turn heads.

    If you build it right, it will last for life is Toms guiding principle.

    Another one of the most pleasing benefits to copper construction in Albany, NY is that over time and exposure to the elements the elegant copper roof and embellishments will transform into a patina rich look that cannot be mimicked with faux products. This transformation gives metal roofs that perfect rustic look.

    Copper is the very embodiment of class and style in a new or historic home.

    Bay windows and dormers are a beautiful architectural accent to any home in Albany, NY. Such a classic look warrants a copper finish. Because of its malleability, the copper forms to the curve of any bay window.

    Old World Copper also specializes in the installation of gutters. Gutters are an aesthetically pleasing way to control water flow. They prevent drip lines and can sometimes help feed water features. We can install gutters in many shapes and sizes and they combine beauty and function.

    Tom specializes in copper and is also an expert installer of other metal roofing systems. Metal is very durable and most of his metal roofing systems offer a lifetime warranty. Metal roofing is the best value over time as the material is more expensive but you will not need to pay for the labor ever again if the roof replacement is installed properly.

    If you’re in the market for a roof replacement, consider metal roofs! Old World Copper specializes in metal roofs and our experienced roofing contractors are eager to update your home today. For durability and a different type of aesthetic, choose metal roofs! Call us today!

    Metal roofing, whether copper or painted steel roofing, comes in a variety of styles and colors and adds sparkle and class to your home that will last a lifetime.

    Call for more information today!

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