Welcome to The World of Roofs, Roofing and Roofers

Welcome to The World of Roofs, Roofing and Roofers

Copper Bella Introduces New Roof Finials

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. — Copper Bella, LLC combines strength and beauty to produce a lower cost alternative to handcrafted copper sheet building products. Products include roof finials, column and deck post toppers, cupolas, gable end and dormer vents, and a full line of guttering accessories. Copper Bella’s patent pending products are scratch and dent resistant and have the exact same cosmetic look and weathering patina for a fraction of the cost of expensive copper sheet products.

"We applied an existing technology to the commercial construction and residential home building industry," said Teri Ward, plastic engineer and Copper Bella owner. "For years, automotive manufacturers have used chrome plated industrial grade plastic in their car bumpers and trim. We built on this technology and developed a process to copper plate architectural building products. We use an engineered thermoplastic created by BASF specifically to combat cold weather embrittlement and UV degradation, both common problems with plastics exposed to the elements. Because we clad the outside with exactly the same purity of copper used in sheet metal applications, products such as leader heads and downspout straps can be intermixed with sheet metal guttering components to lower the cost of adding the expensive accent pieces that beautifully complete a project. Installation of the finial is easy due to our self adjusting roof flange that flexes to precisely match the pitch of the roof. And trimming sharp copper sheet can be dangerous. Copper Bella finials can be trimmed quickly and easily with a simple jigsaw using our roof pitch guide label included on each product."

Copper Bella products add remarkable beauty, reduce delivery time and maximize profits. Because Copper Bella products are injection molded, they are inherently scratch and dent resistant and absent of unattractive rivets, warps, kinks and solder. The injection molding process allows the company to add intricate forms and decorative features that are traditionally very expensive in sheet metal. And unlike handcrafted copper products, Copper Bella mass produces their products to keep the cost low and allows them to maintain in-stock inventory so builders always have what they need when they need it. Copper Bella products are not reliant on varying fluctuations in copper pricing so costs remain consistent, allowing builders to quote prices to their customers with confidence.

Welcome to The World of Roofs, Roofing and Roofers

Copper plated roof finials and deck post toppers are now available with column toppers and a full line of guttering accessories including leader heads and decorative downspout straps close behind. These products will lead to cupolas, gable end vents and dormer vents available later this year. In addition to the copper plated line, Copper Bella will offer products in popular colors such as wrought iron black, arctic white, weathered wood gray and bronze metallic plastic. The colored product line will have a lower price point than the copper plated line. Custom colors will also be available in larger quantity orders.

Limited quantities of Copper Bella products are available now, with full production available at the end of March 2010. Copper Bella, LLC will be exhibiting their new products at Booth #2359 at the International Roof Expo in New Orleans, LA February 22-24, 2010. They will also be included in the trade show’s New Product Showcase. For more information about Copper Bella products, please call (888) 482-3552 toll-free or visit Copper Bella’s Web site .

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