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Bamboo roofing is not often seen in the United States, but they are certainly an environmentally friendly roofing alternative. They have a high cost, but have a number of benefits that may make the increased roofing cost worthwhile.

Bamboo roofs are a unique, beautiful and eco-friendly material, but they arent a good fit for everyone. The two main downsides include cost and they are not ideal for cold climates.

About Bamboo Roofing

Bamboo trees grow quickly, which make them very renewable. These trees can be harvested in about seven years, making it one of the fastest growing trees in the world. It is far more flexible than hardwood, which gives it a unique ability to bend and flex which aids installation, and provides impact absorption.

Bamboo has a wide stalk at the base, but a consistent diameter for the rest of the plants height. This makes it wonderful for all kinds of construction, as the size is similar throughout the length of the tree.

Bamboo must undergo a special treatment to make it strong enough for use in construction. This starts with curing and treating the wood to strengthen it and provide protection against rotting. It is cured by air drying it and treated with a couple different chemicals. After this process, the material is strong enough to be used for construction.

Bamboo Roofing Installation

Once the bamboo has been prepared, it is ready to use for roofing. To make installation easier, you want to use pre-manufactured bamboo trusses or boards. Trusses are generally in the shape of a triangle, so they give a totally unique look to your roof.

To give the bamboo more strength, it is important to coat the roof in plaster once the roof has been installed. This protects the material, and makes it more fireproof. Finally, you may want to place clay tiles on top of the roof to keep out the moisture, insects, and other materials that can damage this type of roof.

Corrugated Bamboo Roofing

These roofs also come in corrugated bamboo roofing sheets. Corrugated bamboo sheets are made with a unique process that helps them to resist the elements. The stalks are split into thin slices that are then woven together into a mat. The mats are allowed to dry, then they are pressed together into a corrugated plate, and cut to standardized dimensions.

Corrugated bamboo roofing is an alternative to shingles and other types of roofing. The way they are pressed together makes them a highly durable material. But they are still made of natural components, which makes them very eco-friendly.

Corrugated bamboo roofing naturally dampens noise on your roof, such as the sound of a heavy rainfall. It also is a strong insulating material that can keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter.


Bamboo is a unique and environmentally friendly alternative to the more common types of roofing, but there are a few negative features. The most noticeable downside is the cost compared to the more common types of home roofing.

Other people may not like the look of the triangular trusses, which are the best way to ensure a strong, well constructed roof. If this is the case, this type of roof would not be a good option.

Not Ideal For Certain Climates

This roofing option is only suited to certain climates and regions. The lifespan and durability of these roofs will vary by the location you live in. For example, regions with high amounts of snowfall are not well suited for bamboo roofs. The heavy snow that accumulates on the roof might not be able to be supported by lightweight bamboo.

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