Chimney & Roof Flashing Paint Matte Finish 10 Year Protection Superior Industries, Inc.

Chimney & Roof Flashing Paint Matte Finish 10 Year Protection Superior Industries, Inc.

Endura Brite

Matte Finish | 6 Colors To Choose From

Improves Roof Top Appearance | 7-10 Year Protection

Also Use On Other Prepared Metal Surfaces & Rooftop Equipment

Endura Brite is a superior quality paint created especially for use on metal chimney and roof flashings. It is a silicone modified enamel paint that provides a low-gloss, matte finish that can cover over the reflective, unattractive finishes characteristic of metal flashing. This fast drying paint is excellent for roof applications on: homes, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, warehouses, gymnasiums, maintenance buildings, farms, barns, mobile homes, pavilions, storage buildings, sheds, carports, shelters, cabins, porch overhangs, and more. Endura Brite can also be used on any other properly prepared metal surfaces, such as piping and vents, and can thus be used on most types of equipment found on rooftops.

Homes Apartment Complexes Commercial Buildings Warehouses

Gymnasiums Industrial Buildings Farms Barns

Mobile Homes Pavilions Storage Buildings Sheds Carports Shelters Cabins

Porch Overhangs Rooftop Equipment Other Prepared Metal Surfaces

Rusty roof surfaces can be unsightly; If youre looking to protect your roof from harmful and unattractive corrosive elements, look no further. This durable, long-lasting paint offers 7-10 year protection, easily withstanding rooftop exposure to the elements for the long haul. Temperature resistant to 350F (177C), this chimney and roof flashing paint cannot be harmed by the suns hot rays. Endura Brite is built to last; Formulated to withstand even the harshest natural elements, Endura Brite does what its name implies it endures and remains bright.

Chimney & Roof Flashing Paint Matte Finish 10 Year Protection Superior Industries, Inc.

Extremely Durable | Temperature Resistant to 350F (177C)

Rapid Dry | Silicone Modified Enamel

Endura Brite not only serves to protect metal flashing by preventing corrosion, it also improves rooftop appearance by creating a new, aesthetically pleasing look. So go ahead enhance your homes appearance today by applying Endura Brite. For our customers convenience, Endura Brite is available in 6 popular roof colors: Teak, Terra Cotta, Driftwood, Charcoal, Sea Green, and Coffee Brown. (See the color chart below for visuals.) The helpful variety of colors to choose from makes it easy to blend this chimney and roof flashing paint into existing roof dcor whether shingle, shake, or tile. If youre a roofing contractor, painting roof flashings, vents, and pipes to match the roof color can help you make more money. How? Customers are likely to choose you over your competition when your competition doesnt offer to paint the flashings. By offering painted flashings as an upgrade, youre likely to close more jobs.

Colors: Teak, Terra Cotta, Driftwood, Charcoal, Sea Green, & Coffee Brown

Endura Brite is available in 16 ounce aerosol cans (with a net weight of 12 ounces). The approximate coverage per can is 32 square feet, and two coats are recommended. This fast drying, flat finish paint dries tack free in 20-30 minutes and has a recoat time of 30 minutes to 1 hour. We recommend proper surface preparation in order to insure proper adhesion; cleaning and lightly sanding (if the surface is slick) is usual adequate. Note that this product is extremely flammable and handle accordingly.

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