Fiberglass Roof Shingles

Fiberglass Roof Shingles

Fiberglass Roof Shingles: An Overview

As the innovative material parked itself in the competitive market for roofing purposes, Fiberglass Roof Shingles is now a popular choice. With its new look and design, it is guaranteed to provide absolute satisfaction and a great variety.

It was in the year 1938 that fiberglass was used for the first time. Fiberglass roof shingles give a rich look to any house. Its name is also a combination of fiber and glass so that it inspires trust. The shingles from Fiberglass are made of very high quality fiber. People would rely on it even in the past. This is due to its flexibility or malleability. Thus, it can be considered really easy to form and deform it into the desired composition. Let’s find out about its durability next.

Its durability is also long and is lightweight. Because it is lightweight, it can be transported to any place without any exertion or effort. It is also easy to handle it. Because it is built up in desirable manner, it is more close to your heart. Due to these qualities, fiberglass roofing is becoming popular with most homeowners.

The fact is that Fiberglass roof shingles offer a great deal of variety for customers to choose from. In the context of visual appeal and design, it has undergone several changes to cater to a variety of customer needs and purposes. Thus, the name "Fiberglass roof shingles" infuses an experience of excellence with both commercial builders and residential builders. Let’s now understand a little more about its roofing panels.

Fiberglass roof shingles may be changed into many roofing panels, be it corrugated, tapered panels etc. It is not difficult to place this due to its lightweight. It can be shaped and designed the way one wants it to be. Another plus point is that it is available in different textures and colors. While it is manufactured, it can be molded into shapes that one wants. The best advantage is that this provides protection and durability to homes. But how does the price work out for your needs? Let’s cover that next.

The remarkable thing about fiberglass roof shingles is that it is about sixty percent cheaper than other roofing types. However, do keep in mind that it is not long lasting like metal, concrete and plastic. But definitely, it can last average for twenty five to thirty years. So let’s see the roofing options in the market.

There are surely a lot of roofing materials available in the market. Fiberglass is also an integral part of it. But before you go for anything, it is important to know what suits your house and your budget too. t. Fiberglass can be replicated in slate size and its weight will be half down. Each shingle can be arranged in double row. It also gives the wind resistance. Think of these aspects and whether it is useful for your home.

It is good to opt for these are cost effective roof shingles. Advancement in technology has further established the strength and variety in shingle roofing. It depends on you whether you want to get the roofing job done by yourself or by a professional roofer. Once installed, it gives proper water-proofing. It protects the roof from leakage and unwanted rainy water. Its membrane gives protection and cover.

Fiberglass shingles are available in different styles. This can change according to the location, color and ventilation. Darker shingles requires proper ventilation to stop heat otherwise it can erode. There are different types of shingles like architectural shingle and interlocking shingle.

Fiberglass roof shingles are virtually cheap and affordable yet visually rich and appealing. So don’t miss it, opt for it now!

With a variety of looks, and a strength rated up winds of 110 mph, fiberglass roofs are a versatile option. Recreate numerous roofing types with fiberglass shingles.

by Sarabeth Asaff

Homeowners needing a new roof that is both durable and affordable may want to take a look at fiberglass roofing. Lightweight enough to be used on any home, with a variety of styles to fit any architectural design, fiberglass roofs can fill many homeowner’s needs.

The History of Fiberglass

Fiberglass has been around since the 1930’s and was originally manufactured as an insulating material. Material made from thin fibers of glass is formed when the silica in glass is extruded into thin shafts and bound together into textiles.

Fiberglass roofing is made from fiberglass wet laid into mats, which are then cut into shingles. Mixed with asphalt and other materials, fiberglass shingles are durable, lightweight, warm and low cost.

The Benefits of Fiberglass Roofing

Fiberglass Roof Shingles

There are several benefits to using fiberglass roof shingles. The shingles are available in multiple styles and finishes, giving the appearance of wood roofs, decorative green or red roofs, and even slate. The difference and benefit of using fiberglass shingles over any of these more traditional roofing types, is in its lightweight durability and low cost.

Wood roofs require frequent maintenance, and care to keep them from rotting. A wood appearing fiberglass roof, gives the warmth and insulation of a wood roof, along with the appearance and texture, but is able to withstand winds of up to 110 mph, and has warranties from 30 – 75 years.

Fiberglass shingles are much lighter weight than ceramic tile roofs, or slate shingles, meaning that homes whose structural integrity may be compromised by a heavy roof weighing 800 – 1200 lbs per square, can safely accommodate the same looks with fiberglass shingles weighing only 350 lbs per square.

Fiberglass shingles are also among the easiest roofing materials to install and repair, making them an attractive alternative for hard to install slate roofs. This can save homeowners a great deal of money, not just in the cost of the material itself, but also in the cost of the installation.

The Appearance of Fiberglass Roof Shingles

Fiberglass shingles are available in multiple colors, sizes, styles and finishes. Look for carriage home styled shingles, with a scalloped edge. These are perfect for Victorian and Colonial style homes, and can add a touch of elegance to the roof.

Muted colors, with softly shifting tones can help a home to blend in with nature, whether using a dimensional shingle, made to look like slate, or a flat shingle, with a decorative edge, to bring just a hint of style to an historical home. Look for shingles with clipped corners that create intricate shadows on the roof, while blending in nicely with their surroundings.

Homeowners desiring a period roof in a bright green or red, but not sure if the home can handle the high weight of ceramic roofing tiles, fiberglass shingles may be the answer. Available in a wide variety of shades and colors, as well as sizes and shapes, fiberglass roofing can recreate nearly any look, at a fraction of the cost and weight of other roofing materials.

Fiberglass roofs may not last as long as the materials they are created to imitate. While a true slate roof can last up to 150 years, a fiberglass roof may top out at 75, and frequently are only rated to last up to 30. While this may not bother some homeowners, who plan on selling the house long before that time, homeowners looking to maximize their home’s value, or pass the home down to future generations may want to consider a more long lived material.

With lightweight versatility and ease of installation, homeowners in all styles and ages of homes may find fiberglass roofing materials to be the right choice for their home.

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