The Three Types of RV Roofs — Which Kind Do You Have

The Three Types of RV Roofs - Which Kind Do You Have

Many people want to care for their roof but run into a roadblock because they don’t know what type of roof they have—obviously a crucial piece of information when you’re getting ready for a repair. If you are one of those people, hopefully this description of the three types of RV roofs will help you figure out which type of RV roof you have.

The three types of RV roof materials that your roof can be made of are metal, fiberglass, or rubber. We’ll start with the newest and most popular one and move on from there.

Identifying a Rubber RV Roof

The newest and most common type of RV roof in use today is made of rubber. These roofs are made of a special kind of rubber called EPDM (Ethylene Propylene-Diene Monomer). Although you might not recognize the name of this unique type of rubber, it still looks and feels like the rubber you are used to. So if you’re looking at your roof and you think it’s rubber, you’re probably right. Simple as that, pretty much.

If your still having trouble identifying your roof, here is what to look for when identifying a Rubber RV roof.

1. Rubber roofs are soft.

  • Rubber roofs are the only type of roof that is soft. If it feels like rubber it probably is.

2. Most Rubber roofs are completely white.

  • Newer rubber roofs are white. Older rubber roofs might be more tan or off-white in color.

3. Rubber roofs could be chalky.

  • As a rubber roof gets older it will get a chalky texture because the rubber is wearing down. This will only happen on rubber roofs.
  • The Three Types of RV Roofs - Which Kind Do You Have

Identifying a Fiberglass Roof

Fiberglass roofs are becoming more and more rare every day. Most people who aren’t sure which type of RV roof they have upon first glance probably have a fiberglass roof because they are certainly the most difficult roof to identify, largely because they come in many different styles.

However, all fiberglass roofs should be similar enough generally for you to identify. Here’s the common characteristics:

1. Fiberglass roofs are hard.

  • A fiberglass roof is the hardest and most solid type of RV roof. They will not flex like a metal roof and feel much different than a rubber roof—hard to the touch.

2. Fiberglass roofs are smooth.

  • Caution, they’re slippery when wet! A fiberglass roof is very smooth and even dangerously slick when they get wet, so be careful if cleaning.

Identifying a Metal Roof

If you thought rubber roofs were easy to identify, just wait. A metal RV roof is definitely the easiest in that department. They aren’t nearly as common now as rubber roofs though, but there are definitely a lot of metal roofs still around.

Chances are, if you own a metal roof it is made of aluminum. Metal roofs all pretty much look the same, and here’s there common characteristics:

1. Metal roofs look like metal. (This one’s a no-brainer ;-)

  • If it looks like metal and feels like metal it probably is metal. It will be the only type of RV roof that has anything close to a shiny silver metallic look.

2. They have support beams about every 2 feet.

  • It’s not always exactly 2 feet, but a metal roof is the only roof that has this quality. The thin flexible metal can’t support much weight by itself, so if you do go up on it be sure to be careful. Stay on the support beams or spread your weight out using a piece of plywood or something similar.

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