CAA Level 2 Diploma in Felt Roofing Flat Roofing Courses

CAA Level 2 Diploma in Felt Roofing Flat Roofing Courses

(Cskills Awards Level 2 Diploma in Built–up Felt Roofing)

Course overview

This has been specifically developed for individuals wanting to gain professional level skills in the application of felt roofing or flat roofing techniques for the purpose of fitting flat or felt roofs on various sites.

The Level 2 Construction Awards Alliance (CAA) Diploma in Built-up Felt Roofing is the Professional level course designed to develop the skills and knowledge of literally anyone, enabling them to work in the roofing industry in their chosen craft of felt or flat roofing.

The course is practical based and there are online tests so the candidate can show what they can do as an individual through the completion of all the requirements of the qualification.

The qualification comprises of:

  • Built-up Felt Roofing units of practical training
  • Built-up Felt Roofing Practical assignment in a simulated scenario
  • Multiple choice tests
  • Final online testing of the candidate’s knowledge of Felt or Flat Roofing.

All the units of training must be completed by each learner and you will be guided and trained throughout this process by our experienced trainers. To gain the Built-up Felt Roofing diploma, learners must achieve all units, the final practical assignment and multiple choice online unit tests.

What this course will do with regards to all of this, is equip all course participants with the vital skills and knowledge to produce professional flat or felt roof work in all scenarios resulting in the award of a high level roofing qualification. This is an advanced roofing course and is designed for anyone; novices and experienced personnel.

Who is this qualification for?

There are no formal entry requirements for the Built-up Felt Roofing diploma. All potential candidates have the opportunity to attend and successfully gain the qualification.

Although the Construction Awards Alliance (CAA) do not state that there is a need for any formal entry requirements, this roofing course is not suitable for those who wish to improve their DIY or property development skills. The qualification is designed for those personnel who want to gain a roofing qualification in flat and felt roofing to enter the industry and be recognised.

It is also intended for those working with roofing contracting companies who have responsibility for their staff to be qualified. The CAA have designed this course so that it caters for all learners, whatever their back ground and experience.

Units covered

(CAA Level 2 Diploma in Built–up Felt Roofing)

  • CC 1001K Know how to carry out safe working practices in construction
  • CC 1001S Carry out safe working practices in construction
  • CC 2002K Knowledge of information, quantities and communicating with others
  • CAA Level 2 Diploma in Felt Roofing Flat Roofing Courses
  • CC 2002S Information, quantities and communicating with others
  • CC 2003K Knowledge of building methods and construction technology
  • CC 2003S Building methods and construction technology
  • CC 2092K Know how to apply built-up bituminous roofing
  • CC 2092S Apply built-up bituminous roofing
  • CC 2093K Know how to prepare decking for built-up bituminous roofing
  • CC 2093S Prepare decking for built-up bituminous roofing
  • CC 2094K Know how to repair and maintain built-up bituminous roofing
  • CC 2094S Repair and maintain built-up bituminous roofing

Followed by the Built-up Felt Roofing Level 2 Synoptic Practical Assignment Level 2 ‘Flat Roof’ and the online exam.

In summary the completion of the course will be after the:

  • Achievement of each unit by internal testing undertaken by the candidate. Each Built-up Felt Roofing knowledge unit also has a mandatory series of questions and answers that will be asked by the Tutor.
  • A synoptic practical Built-up Felt Roofing assignment set by the CAA that the candidate must complete.
  • Online test covering the specified Built-up Felt Roofing units that must be passed to achieve the qualification. The test is an independent test of both knowledge and understanding.

Progress routes

Completing this roofing qualification represents an achievement towards the highest possible award, the NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Built-up Felt Roofing. Therefore the next step for anyone wishing to progress is to consider adding this to their portfolio as you will need the NVQ Level 2 to gain lucrative site based work.

Undertaking the Built-up Felt Roofing NVQ2 would be an ideal step as it ensures that you as a student will have the practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge of the flat roofing discipline. This provides students who successfully complete the course with a good grounding for a long and prosperous career in the flat roofing sector. However, we consider it essential that the roofing career is considered to be ‘progressional’ in that every student should add more skills and qualifications as they gain experience to further their career.

Our roofing courses provide this clear progression route, helping learners to achieve the career goals they aspire to.

With these felt roofing skills and qualifications you can progress to a higher level of work during your career and you can for example, move on to work in the Building Services Industry further down the line. This helps those who wish, to progress from skilled occupations into technical, supervisory or managerial posts.

Support for students

Access Training is committed to the highest standards of customer focus and technical expertise, with a host of benefits including:

  • Specialist, professionally qualified teaching staff with a wealth of industry experience.
  • Enhanced Online Assessments, allowing students to sit exams with flexibility to fit around their speed of learning.
  • 24hr online support for all student questions and queries when studying away from the training centre.

We train students from anywhere in the UK

The main areas include:

  • South Wales

(Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Bridgend)

  • South of England

    (Bristol, Gloucester, Bath, Swindon, Oxford, Reading, Slough, London)

  • The Midlands

    (Birmingham, Hereford, Worcester, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester)

  • The South West

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