Clear roofs, non-insulated Sepio weather shelters

Clear roofs, non-insulated Sepio weather shelters

Engineered, clear non-insulated roofs. Used to protect open spaces such as patios, balconies or carports, allowing light under it and into the house. Made of multiwall polycarbonate or glass. Clear, semi-clear (ice) or tinted finishes. Can be combined with solid roof sections to reduce costs. Supplied with or without support posts. Can be installed year round. Offered with installation service or DIY kits.  All use common support system made of prefabricated industrial grade aluminum: posts, cross beam and joists system. See our roof primer section for detailed information and comparison with our other roof products we carry. This page refers to clear covers installed with support system posts and frame. For covers over existing structures such as pre built pergolas see out pergola cover section.


Glass roofs

Our glazing method differ from other systems available in the market place as we offer a continues glass pane up to 14 long. This way, using no purlins, roof has a cleaner look, no ice dams, snow slides down undisturbed and therefore no leaks. We offer two glazing methods: laminated glass and tempered glass. Both in single pane configuration.

Laminated glass a safety glass made of two layers that keep together even when cracked. In the event of breaking, layers are held in place by an interlayer sheet, typically of polyvinyl butyric (PVB), between its two or more layers. The interlayer high strength prevents the glass from breaking up into sharp pieces. This produces a characteristic spider web cracking pattern upon impact. Overall thickness of single pane glass we use is approximately 7mm. The PVB bonding sheet in invisible through the glass, can be noticeable only from the side of a cut sheet. This is best to protect from falling objects it is used in most applications. Similar glass is used in some car windscreens and as large commercial glazing. Glass panels can be made to 8 long, so roofs using this options are limited to 8 projection. It is also more expensive than the tempered glass or the multiwall polycarbonate.

Laminated glass edge, note the bonding interlayer in between the glass layers.  Typical shuttered laminated glass.

Tempered glass - the common safety glass found in your smartphone screen, glass tables and furniture, bus stops, some car windscreens, cookware, and glass doors. It is made of annealed glass sheets that are heat tempered in a kiln, so ends up harder and stronger than regular (annealed) glass. Tempered glass takes much much abuse than annealed glass it is up to six time stronger. If brakes, it shutters into small particles rather than spikes at annealed glass, so is relatively harmless. Tempered glass panes can be made to 14 long. They cost about the same as the multiwall polycarbonate sheets. However, they are awkward to handle, susceptible to breakage in an untrained hand and need spacial crating when shipped. We do not recommend this glass for DIY projects.

Typical cracked tempered glass.

Construction -  Glass is mounted on an engineered T bar system, supported by 3 aluminum square tubing system and cross beam. All engineered to withstand snow and wind load. Standard non-insulated glass roof system comes with a gutter at front end. Wall hanger has a a sway to compensate if foundation heaves. See self install tab for more information.

Self install we do not recommend glass roof for DIY projects. Glass is difficult to handle at best of times, so a typical panel of say 10 long, 6mm thick that weighs 200 lbs will crack just for looking at it. For self install projects we recommend  using the polycarbonate sheets, they are feather light and can be tossed around without damage.

Clear roofs, non-insulated Sepio weather shelters

Insulated glass roofs we also offer an insulated glass roof system. Here support sections posts and cross beams are similar to the non-insulated. Joists and wall hanger are thermally broken. We suggest to use this system only if covered area is enclosed or will be so in the future. Else there is little benefit using this. See our insulated clear roof page for more details.

CRN10 — clear glass roof.

CRN20 — clear glass roof, side view.

CRN30 clear glass roof, front end.

CRN40 clear glass roof, viewed from below.

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