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Our Commercial Roofing Dept Covers 6 States. AL, GA ,MS, TN, LA, Ky,

When you need a New Commercial Roof, in Alabama, you will definitely be putting out a significant amount of money.  In many instances, it seems that upkeep on your building can be less of an investment and more of an expense.  However, when you contract the services of the right Alabama Roofing Company, you can actually begin to save money as soon as the New Roof, is installed.

Sellers & Helms Inc. (S & H Roofing Contractor) is a Alabama, Commercial Roofing Company, that emphasizes the installation of a energy-efficient Flat Roof, Systems, that reduce energy costs and make a positive impact on the environment.  We are master installers of the Single-Ply Roof, TPO Roof, and PVC Membranes Roof, We are certified by Carlisle, DOW Roofing, and many other major manufactures for Flat Roofs,  and Low-Sloped, Roofing System,  Duro-Last, is often called “The World’s Best Roof ,” and they have partnered with the United States Department of Energy and the EPA in the Energy Star power conservation program.  So when you are looking into your Commercial Alabama Roofing, options,

Sellers & Helms Inc. (S & H Roofing Contractor)   Can help you turn an expense into an investment.

Sellers & Helms Inc. (S & H Roofing Contractor) is one of the premier Commercial Roofing Companies, headquartered in Moody Alabama, offering:

This material consists of fiberglass, polyester or a combination of both polyester and fiberglass scrim sheets laid between or set on top of molten modified asphalt and then cooled to form a pliable roof system in rolled form. The (2) types of Modified Bitumen Roofing,  products offered are APP (actactic  polypropylene) and SBS (styrene butyl styrene). These are tough Roofing, products that are excellent in dealing with the weather extremes in the Alabama area and can handle foot traffic better than most other Roof Systems, Combine either product with Built-Up Roofing, plies and we can offer warranties up to 20 years. Many surfacing’s are available for these products such as asphalt emulsion, aluminum coat, granulated surfacing in different colors, asphalt and gravel and acrylic coatings. This Roof System, is one of the most popular Roofs, being installed in


PVC/TPO Roof Membranes

PVC/TPO Roof Membranes, are eco-friendly easy to Install Roofing, materials that are reinforced which makes them pliable and puncture resistant. Electronic heat welding of the seams makes this an environmentally friendly process to form a very strong seal. Manufacturers make these products in different thicknesses and colors. These products are Energy Star compliant and meet all Alabama area and federal energy codes.

Contact us so we can help you design a TPO Roof System, that will meet your needs and budget. From rear additions and 3-flats to 100,000 square foot factories and warehouses, we can offer you top quality materials and workman-ship for a very competitive price .

Sellers & Helms Inc. (S & H Roofing Contractor)

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Maintenance Programs and Repairs

Regularly scheduled Roof Inspections,  & Roof Maintenance, is very important to maximize the life of an existing Roof System, Many Roofing, manufacturers recommend or require annual or bi-annual Roof Inspections, of their Roofing Systems to maintain validity of their warranties.

We at Sellers & Helms Inc. (S & H Roofing Contractor) feel it just makes good sense to have a professional Roofing Company, watch over and maintain your Roof, on a regular basis.

Weather in and around the Alabama area are brutal on a Roofing Systems, Heavy rains, wind and hail can damage a Roof,  Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Roof Systems, in spring, summer or fall. Winter winds, snow fall, temperature extremes causing expansion and contraction and freeze/thaw cycles can wreak havoc with most Roof Systems,

Most commercial, industrial, and condominium buildings, have roof-top mechanical equipment which get serviced or replaced regularly. Satellite dishes are being installed on many residential, condominium and apartment Roofs, Between Roof, traffic and contractors who don’t properly protect the Roof, can result in extreme wear or damage to the Roof,

With scheduled Roof iIspections, in the spring and/or fall we can locate and repair small problems before they become large, damaging leaks. During our inspections, our trained staff will look for and remedy open Pipe flashings, open seams and caulk joints, plugged drains and rooftop debris. We can help you get the most out of your investment.

An often overlooked aspect of Roof Maintenance, is the reflectivity of some Flat Roof systems, Not only do reflective coatings protect your roof, they save on energy costs to cool your building as well as reducing heat island effects in populated areas. Unprotected Asphalt Roofs, including Modified Bitumen Roofs, can degrade from the sun’s rays. Asphalt-based aluminum and acrylic coatings can help protect, and add years to the life of your roof. There are coatings available for most Single Ply Roofs,  and Metal Roof Systems ,

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When it comes to Commercial Roofing, Alabama businesses, you can expect nothing but the best when they contract the Roofing services, of  

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