Concrete Garages — Sectional Garages — Prefabricated Concrete Block Sheds and

Concrete Garages - Sectional Garages - Prefabricated Concrete Block Sheds and

Sectional Garages

This great looking design is ever popular, as it fits in perfectly with most family homes and has a variety of finishing styles.

Flat roof design

Flat roof, or Pent garages are fantastic value for money, and with a wide range of optional extras, you can make yours as individual as you like.

High roof design

For when you need that extra height, our Highliner garage is the perfect solution.

Garage Showcase

and other great optional extras

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Looking for the best range of concrete and sectional prefab garages. Then look no further. We have a huge range of prefabricated garage styles from the flat roof (sometimes called pent roof), with it’s great value and traditional looks to the classic looking apex roof concrete garages. We even have special high roof concrete garages, batteries of garages, concrete sheds or even motorbike garages if you prefer.

10 Year guarantee with all of our Garages

All of our concrete / sectional garages come complete with a 10 year guarantee, so you needn’t worry that your concrete garage will fail you in the future. By clicking on each precast garage, you will be able to see a showcase gallery of each of the concrete garages in situ. As there is a wide range of extras available for each different garage, you can really see from the image gallery how easily you can customise your concrete building, whether it’s going to be a shed, a garage, a motorbike garage or even an office. Scrolling down each garage page will show you what extras are available for that particular prefab concrete garage.

Click to see the full range of garages. but don’t forget to watch the garage gallery, as you may be surprised at the level of customisation afforded to each concrete structure we have on offer. If you have a particular customisation in mind, but do not see a picture with this on, why not give us a call on 01757 249 411, and we’ll see if we have anything we can send over, to give you an idea of how the sectional garage will look in place.

Sectional Garages

Some call the concrete garage a sectional garage, due to the way it is made of concrete block section panels. Theses concrete blocks are then fitted together to make the garage. Some of our garages even have interlocking concrete sectional panels for enhanced strength and weather-proofing. These sections make the garages very customisable. So we can offer concrete sheds or concrete motorbike garages plus any other combinations you can think of. Another benefit of the sectional concrete garage, is its movability. Moving a concrete garage is relatively easy. I have seen many moved further up a driveway to make way other structures being built or just to provide more parking area.

Customising your concrete garage

We have a wide range of extras you can add to your concrete garage. This gives you a huge scope to play with when getting the look of your garage right. With different coloured fascias, windows and doors, not to mention the roof tiles you can make your garage work anywhere with any surrounding. Some ranges of garages are even available with different finishes, such as a brick finish, again with various different colours of brick to suit your needs. We understand all of these options may seem a little daunting at first, but we are here to help you make the best decision. So, call us today and let us help you out.

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