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>> Fibre Glass Linings

Profibre linings are applied with the minimum of inconvenience and down time,effectively reducing costs. Profibres high performance materials are chemical resistant, fire retardant, heat resistant and corrosion proof. Installing a Profibre lining is a cost effective alternative to replacement. In most cases our linings have provided a saving of up to 70% of replacement.

GRP Balconies

Balconies are one of our specialities, we believe we are the markets leaders in fibreglass balconies. Using methods from years of experience in the GRP moulding industry. Profibre can produce many effects and one off designs as shown in the pictures below.

All of our balconies are extremley robust, fabricated using heavy weight fabrics with specialist resins and top-coats. Profibre have taken on balcony work measuring upto 250 square metres.

Whether you need a balcony replaced or a new one built, Profibre supply the whole package. With the added bonus you get to create your own surface design as illustrated above. At Profibre we are reknowned for our high standard of workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Fibre Glass Valleys

GRP Extensions

Are you tired of renewing your old felt roof after every ten years, then a new fibreglass roof will solve this problem. With a life expectancy of 30-40 years GRP is solving the problems of modern day flat roofing requirements. Profibre install a single ply laminate, laid in various thicknesses depending on the roofs requirements. This is formed in situ to give a continuous (no seams), highly durable weatherproof layer that will exclude water and maintain its superb appearance. GRP is a matrix of polyester resin, reinforced with glass fibres and cured or hardened using a catalyst to give a weatherproof laminate that will outlast and out perform virtually any other traditional roofing material.

Profibre can supply the whole package, Warm roof construction, cold roof construction, complete re-fits from the wall plate up, new joist, decking, insulation, fascia’s, guttering etc. Please take a look around our site at some of the work we have under taken. All of the pictures shown on our site are of work carried out by Profbre.

Please note Profibre is a BBA registered installer, certificate no 93/2932 liquid applied GRP system. We have noticed that other roofing companies are using materials not suitable for flat roofing. These materials have not been manufactured to take the thermal expansion and contraction of a flat roof and are liable to fracture under the stress.

Commercial Fibreglass Roofing Systems

Profibre has taken on many commercial roofing projects ranging from Hotels, Factories, Schools Restaurants, Shops and Petrol Stations. Fibreglass roofs in the commercial sector is becoming more and more popular. Unlike other roofing systems, GRP roofs are extremely hard wearing, easy to clean and as you can see from the pictures below we can create non slip walk ways and saftey markings in a cost effective manor.

In most of our factory roof applications we have been able to work around machinery and mould the fibreglass system seamlessly around areas that would be near impossible with other systems, this has allowed factories to keep on working with no down time. Our commercial laminate is heavy duty to meet the needs of a working environment

Take a look through our commercial galleries and see for yourself why you should seriously consider choosing a Fibreglass roof over some of the more traditional methods. We have put together some before and after pictures and its easy to see the benefits of GRP commercial roofing.

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