Flat Roof Construction

Flat Roof Construction

Not all flat roofs are flat. That little truth is the key to flat roof construction that will last and will not tend to leak when it rains. Granted, flat roofs look flat but they should be constructed with at least 1/8 pitch per foot and no greater than 1 to 1.5 inch rise per foot. It might not seem like much but it is enough that most flat roofs will drain the water off rather than letting it pool and eventually drowning your home or building.

You will probably see flat roofs most often on commercial buildings though it is common for residential construction in some areas. What you will not probably see much of is a flat roof on a home in an area that has frequent rainfall; the drainage issues can be too much.

Roof construction of any kind can be tricky even the ubiquitous pitched roof can pose issues in construction and flat roofs even more so when it comes to flashing, ventilation and even the roof coating choice.

Flat roof construction is in many cases best left to the professionals, such as roofing services, or a contractor. In terms of material conservation, these types of roof are superior but in terms of sheer technological demands, well let us just say the installation of a flat roof is not for the beginner.

Green roofing is an extremely environmentally companion to the flat roof construction choice. Green roofing can extend the life of the roofing materials, lower the heat in the home and provide oxygen for everyones benefit. It is an excellent idea and its time has come. However, it is not cheap. The materials used in the for the roof base for a green roof must be of the very best quality, and the installation should be done by professionals, as any mistake will cost the homeowner in labor costs in order to locate the leak beneath the green covering.

A green roof works like this, a flat roof is constructed, sealed and flashed it is critical that all of the construction be of the absolute best quality because after the flat roof is finished and sealed, soil and grass or vegetation is placed atop the roof. The soil covering must be relatively thin so in areas, which are prone to drought, the roof may require watering.

Flat Roof Construction

Any flaw in the construction of the roof that causes a leak will cause the homeowner or roofing contractor to have to remove the green covering from the roof to trace down the source of the leakage. The drawbacks to green roofing lie mainly in the expense and the eventuality that the roof will at some time need repair. When a leak does occur in these roofs, repairing them will take more labor and effort than a standard roof.

Building a flat roof is technically demanding in even the simplest of projects. A mistake can result in a roof that is chronically leaky, and using the wrong materials in construction can cause even more severe damage. Leave your flat roof construction to the professionals unless you are a very brave do it yourselfer.

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