Flat Roof Costs — See Flat Roof Prices By Roofers & Compare Flat Roofs

Flat Roof Costs - See Flat Roof Prices By Roofers & Compare Flat Roofs

Obviously if you are in the market for a new flat roof, the next question is how much is it going to cost me, its only natural. Here you will find the approximate answer to that question and I shall try to keep this page updated with any increases.

Flat roof price

Before taking my word as gospel and leaving this page half read with your estimate for your chosen flat roof, please read the whole article and understand some of the costs and factors that will increase or decrease the price you are quoted by your local roofer.

How much does a new flat roof cost

Im going to tell you roughly how much you will be charged for a new replacement flat roof, by giving you the flat roof costs per square metre where possible. Shown are the figures I charge for supplying and installing these types of flat roof, this should hold you in good stead based on standard like for like replacement flat roofs in the UK.

The price of a new flat roof will depend on a few factors like

  •   Specification Quality of materials, trims and finish
  •   Accessibility Height and access or scaffolding
  •   Location Big capital cities cost more as does the middle of nowhere
  •   Tradesmans mark up Every business has running costs, both seen and unseen
  •   Size   A very small roof will cost more per square metre than a large roof due to time saving and man power considerations.

I will explain these after a brief summary of common flat roof choices and how much a new flat roof replacement costs. See these flat roofs compared here Best flat roof replacement

Felt roof cost per square metre Torch on roof prices

A modern felt roof or built up felt roof, otherwise known as a Torch-on flat roof.

I charge £40 50 per m 2 ( square metre ) if the boards underneath are not damaged. If they are, expect an additional cost of £40 per board fitted.  ( board size 8×4 or 2.4m x 1.2m )

EPDM roof cost per square metre Rubber roof prices

Flat Roof Costs - See Flat Roof Prices By Roofers & Compare Flat Roofs

A modern rubber roof like firestone or similar, otherwise know as E.P.D.M.

My prices are £80 per m 2 if the boards underneath are not damaged, but the cost does include new OSB over boarding to adhere to the new rubber roof. This price would also include a good quality trim system like the permaroof system rather than the cheaper black metal trim system.

Fibreglass roof cost per square metre   GRP fibreglass prices

A modern fibreglass GRP flat roof system with specialised roofing grade resins.

I charge £90 per m 2 if the boards underneath are in good condition, but the price does include over boarding with new OSB3 which is essential to adhere a new fibreglass roof to. The price also includes good quality machine made trims and lead flashings wherever required.

Fibreglass bay roof costs GRP bay roof prices explained

Most bay roofs are comparatively small compared to other types of fibreglass flat roofs. Whilst the square metre size of a bay roof can be 4m 2 or less, unfortunately most of that is made up by pre-formed machine made trims, so whilst the money spent is reduced in surface area fibreglass, it is increased by trim cost and time spent fitting. My charges currently range from £250 to £490 depending on size and complication with the option of stripping and insulating the bay roof cavity between the ceiling for an additional £50

Lead bay roof The cost of a new lead roof

Probably one of the trickiest small roof prices to give, not because of the level of complication or details that may be involved, but because of the vast choices of lead code ( thickness ) and the cost of the raw material ( new milled lead ). Not only do you have the physical size of the roof to be covered, but the code required or chosen can dramatically alter the price. Most lead bays less than 4m 2 can be renewed in one day, for which I charge £300 plus the lead costs at current milled lead prices . For a lead code explanation see our article on how to fit a new lead roof .

Flat roof replacement costs factors that may alter the price of a new flat roof

Flat roof specification Every job is different. For example some obstacles to get past may include pipes, multiple or complicated trims, internal drainage, insulation, ventilation or flat roof material upgrades.

Accessibility A flat roof 3 storeys up is not the same as one ten feet in the air. Sometimes scaffolding may be required to work safely or conservatories or other structures may hinder access.

Location Big cities, such as London  increase the price as the cost of living is higher and by the same token remote locations also increase costs.

Tradesmans mark-up The skill in any profession like Building or Roofing is to get the price right and come away with a profit. If a tradesman is skilled, likely he will be busy, therefore you may not find his labour is cheap as they can afford to choose their jobs to a certain extent. Whilst I am not condoning expensive or rip off, beware of cheap. Cheap is normally cheap in every way.

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