Flat Roofers Roofing Fibreglass Sheffield Chesterfield

Flat Roofers Roofing Fibreglass Sheffield Chesterfield

Featured Flat Roofing

Fibreglass Flat Roofing

Specialist fibreglass (GRP) roofing in Sheffield.

    Fibreglass Flat Roofs Glass Reinforce Plastic Seamless Fibreglass GRP Roofing Sheffield Chesterfield

Fibreglass Applications

Fibreglass flat roofing techniques can be applied to many surfaces.

    Extensions Bay & Dorma Windows Balconies Walkway’s Garages Kitchens

Fibreglass Roof Options

The cost effective strong flat roofing material.

    Colour Options Size Options Style Options Sun Reflective Paint New Wood Framework Guaranteed Leak Proof

About Fibreglass Flat Roofing and Its Many Other Uses

Fibreglass flat roofing (Glass Reinforced Polyester) or GRP roofing as it is more commonly known has been used as a waterproofing material for over 70 years. When installed correctly flat fibreglass roofing has high tensile strength and high compressive strength and can be walked on. A non slip surface hard or smooth surface which does not react with chemicals and is fire resistant unlike felt flat roofing. Insulated from the elements including weather, heat, electricity and sound which makes for a quieter, well insulated room.

Flat Roofers Roofing Fibreglass Sheffield Chesterfield

Easily moulded and long lasting in any colour for applications as diverse as boats, water tanks, lorry and car bodies, ponds and pools and of course roofs.

Why Use Fibreglass Flat Roofing?

  1. Very Strong & Very Durable
  2. Excellent Lifespan Characteristics
  3. Very Difficult Break Through
  4. Easy Repair & Maintenance
  5. Aesthetically Pleasing
  6. Easily Extended
  7. Sun Resistant
  8. Non Slip
  9. Can Withstand People Walking

Fibreglass Flat Roofing Repairs

When you discover that you have a leaking Sheffield flat fibreglass roof it does not matter whether it’s on your main roof, garage, porch or an extension. A prompt professional repair or replacement by a qualified fibreglass flat roofing specialist in Sheffield like Free Flow is essential to avoid further damage to your roof and expensive interior damage to both your property and possessions.

Fibreglass Roofing Is The Best

When used to construct a boat GRP (fibreglass) will provide complete waterproofing protection for the boats entire lifespan of twenty years plus without the need for regular maintenance or costly replacement or repairs. A number of RNLI lifeboats are constructed almost completely from GRP. These life saving vessels are used in heavy weather for inshore rescue.

This same level of performance can be easily replicated on a domestic roof. The reliability, durability and lightweight properties of GRP make it the ideal construction material due to its ability to withstand various temperatures and its resistance to chemicals. As well as being an inexpensive material it’s robust and flexible so it never corrodes.

Fibreglass flat roofing techniques can be applied to a whole range of surfaces including balconies, garages, kitchens and extensions.

Need Sheffield Fibreglass Roofer’s?

Free Flow flat roofer‘s have many years experience in all areas of fibreglass roofing in Sheffield on residential properties and fibreglass roofing on commercial properties and are members of both the Fair Trades. We take great pride in the high quality of all our new fibreglass flat roofs in Sheffield and our fibreglass flat roof replacement service available in Chesterfield, Rotherham, Doncaster and South Yorkshire. Offering a minimum of 12 month guarantee on all completed work.

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