Flat Roofing

Flat Roofing

Precision Installed, Watertight Protection for Flat and Low-Sloped Roofs!

A flat roof, in contrast to the more sloped roof designs. is either perfectly horizontal or nearly horizontal. The slope of a roof is known as its “pitch.” Roofs that are nearly flat are known as low-pitch roofs, and as the angle of slope increases, so the pitch is said to increase.

Flat Roofing Materials

The materials that cover low-pitch or flat roofs compose what’s called the “membrane” of a roof. The main purpose of the membrane is waterproofing the home. Roof design and shape is also key to keeping a building’s structure watertight. On flat roofs, for example, water generally expels off the sides or into a system of gutters.

On some buildings, such as garden sheds, water may flow freely off the edge of the roof, though gutter systems have the advantage of keeping both walls and foundations dry. Gutters on smaller roofs often lead water directly to the ground, or better, into a soakaway. Gutters on larger roofs usually lead water into the rainwater drainage system. Occasionally, flat roof designs allow water to collect in a pool, usually for aesthetic purposes or for rainwater buffering.

Flat roofs, though ideal under some conditions, often pose greater challenges as more surface area is exposed to sunlight, causing them to absorb more heat that can be transferred down to the building below. Flat roofs also run the risk of allowing rainwater to sit until it evaporates. While this can be prevented by the use of gutter systems or a very low pitch, areas more worn down due to use and weathering can still become spots for water to gather—eventually causing a leak for rubber membranes.

At Global Home Improvement, we specialize in two main types of flat roofing:

The most common material choice for flat roofing jobs is rubber, which often forms the membrane in both commercial and residential applications. If not installed by a professional, though, these roofs may be prone to leaks. What’s more, it’s often tough to find the source of those leaks, which is why it’s so important to hire an experienced roofing service like Global Home Improvement.

Free Rubber Roof Inspections

In order to help homeowners find the best options when it comes to flat roofs, Global Home Improvement provides FREE rubber roof inspections in order to determine if an existing installation is in working condition. If the roof is in need of service, we can install a new rubber roof, replace the flashing, and repair vent pipes and skylight seams. Depending on the overall age of the roof, frequent inspections are often necessary to fix issues before they even become noticeable.

Improve Your Roofs Efficiency

Our services can improve the efficiency of a commercial or residential roof by installing or repairing gutter systems that move water away from the house. There’s also the option to have the roof coated with a special silver epoxy, preserving the life of the roof while creating a reflective surface to bounce heat away from the house.

Allow us to help you find the best solution for rubber-membrane flat roofs. Whether it’s nothing more than an inspection to check the overall condition, or services that can help extend the life of the roof—and even improve energy efficiency—Global Home Improvement can help you get the most out of a flat roof.

Despite its popular use, rubber can be a difficult material to maintain for flat roofs, especially in areas that experience dramatic climate shifts. Prone to leaks, swelling and absorbing heat, rubber can often cost more money in the long run as it will need frequent maintenance and upkeep. It is recommended that a rubber roof be inspected every winter after the first five years because of this.

Many homeowners consider having flat roofs replaced due to these reasons, but this is not always the most cost-effective approach as some homes might require more work than others if the roof is to be completely overhauled. Fortunately, there exists a significantly more efficient option: low-sloping metal roofs. These roofs can be installed on either completely flat structures or inclines as low as a quarter-inch per foot.

Leak Resistance

When it comes to flat roofing, metal construction offers a virtually leak resistant option that can last up to five times longer than that of traditional rubber membranes. Flat metal roofing also benefits from an array of colors and finishes that can help slash energy costs by reflecting heat and energy away from the home. The design and construction of metal roofing can also accommodate more difficult areas like chimneys, skylights and plumbing vents.

For more information about replacing, repairing or installing the perfect flat roof for your needs, contact Global Home Improvement at 877-711-9850.

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