Foam polyurethane roofing spray — the quality economical commercial solution!

Foam polyurethane roofing spray - the quality economical commercial solution!

Foam polyurethane roofing spray is the superioremergency roof repair to commercial roofs choice, and the experts at Kohls foam systems are thepolyurethane spray foam company of roofing consultants roof Wisconsin Illinois Minnesota professionals whom smart business owners and property managers call to travel throughout the U.S. quickly when emergency roof repair to commercial roofs are needed.

Polyurethane spray foam is the best and quickest choice in aroof and repair emergency, due to the fact that thefoam insulation polyurethane spray is permeable, lightweight and fully adherent, thus normally the existing roof does NOT need to be removed prior to the foam insulation polyurethane spray application! Professionally appliedpolyurethane spray foam is so lightweight that it’s application over a properly prepared existing roof will not exceed the structural load capacity, and the application is quick, quiet, and requires few laborers.

Seams are the major source of leaks in EPDM rubber roofing and BUR built-up roofing, but a roof and repair polyurethane spray foam roof is totally seamless. When leaks occur in the outer membrane of a single-ply rubber roof or a built-up roof water spreads and eventually saturates the insulation underneath. Aflat roof repair featuringfoam insulation polyurethane spray has the advantage that water cannot travel laterally through a SPF roof, thus any futureemergency roof repair to commercial roofs can easily be made usually with a tube of caulk. Studies have shown that following a flat roof repair using SPF, even when a hole is punched through the entire two-inch thick SPF membrane, the water movement is restricted to the easily caulked hole.

The fast and economical installation benefits are just the first savings benefits when polyurethane spray foams are used for emergency flat roof repairs. The insulating foam permanently lowers air conditioning and heating costs due to its insulating properties and reflective surface. Research has shown that white reflective foam system roofs can help save approximately 7.2 cents per-square-foot in cooling costs a year when compared to more traditional black roofs.

Reflective roof coatings offer increased roof product life, as they maintain a constant temperature, thus thermal shock is reduces, and since the roof does not expand and contract less stress and degradation occurs. Foam roofs have been in place and extensively tested for more than 30 years, and when properly maintained and sealed they should be able to last indefinitely!

When less heating and cooling is required to keep a commercial building comfortable for it’s inhabitants not only does the owner or property manager save money, but the environment also is served as fewer fossil fuels are depleted when commercial consumer demand is less. Kohls Foam Systems reflective roof products meet the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA’s specifications for reliability and solar reflectance. The ENERGY STAR label assists home and commercial consumers in identifying products that both save them money and also help protect our environment, and the Kohls Foam Systems products are proud to be labeled as ENERGY STAR qualified roofing materials.

Foam polyurethane roofing spray - the quality economical commercial solution!

Many commercial and industrial accounts across the nation are even eligible for rebates from their municipalities and utility providers when they install lightweight, seamless, amazingly strong and energy efficient foam roofing.

Contact theroof and repair experts at Kohls Foam Systems today for a free spray polyurethane foam roofing system estimate!

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