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Green roofs are living structures and as such need attention throughout their lifespan.  Some vegetation types such a sedum are planted as they require less maintenance than grass roofs for example. However, regular attention to soil moisture and feed levels as well as the removal of weeds is essential to maintain optimum performance.

Introducing the M-Tray

M-TRAY is a ready-grown, fully established sedum, sedum-and-wildflower or wildflower-only green roof loaded into a portable tray, for easier installation of green roofs.

All the growing, filtration and drainage elements are included in the system and the shape of the modules means that each one is simply laid onto the deck and clipped to the next module to create one seamless, fully established green roof.

The major benefit of M-TRAY is flexibility. Getting to the roof is not a disruptive and costly process, which is a huge advantage over loose lay systems. It is simply not possible to loose lay roll-out systems layer-by-layer on some roof areas due to access restrictions. M-TRAY can reach the roofs other systems cannot reach.

Access to the roof is future-proofed. If there are problems with the deck beneath or inspection is required, one M-TRAY or section can easily be lifted out without any disruption to the whole deck. With loose lay systems, the whole area may need to be destroyed when accessing the deck.

It is ideal as a temporary green roof system.

Each M-TRAY is 540mm x 540mm x 90mm deep. A technical drawing of the M-TRAY unit can be found by clicking here .  Access to our CAD library containing images of the M-TRAY modular unit can be found by registering here .

The edge has lugs which can be clipped into the lug of the next tray or unit. The sedum grows above this level to help hide the joints. This interlocking system means that each M-TRAY is fitted securely to its neighbour with no need for sharp fixings going through the waterproofing beneath. The sedum growth is not restricted and can mingle across the whole area.

Pre-Grown Modules

The M-TRAY modules are pre-grown in Wallbarn’s UK nursery. The empty modules are made from polypropylene and are manufactured with an angled base which creates a large surface area for the roots to establish. The module is lined with a geotextile filter fabric and then filled with the aggregate substrate mix. The exact make-up of the mix depends on what type of plants the growers are propagating in that particular batch.

The vegetation is then planted into the substrate, either from cuttings or seeds (cuttings illustrated above). We use a mix of different species of sedum designed to ensure all-year growth, some flowers and variation throughout the summer, durability and ability to be resistant to periods without rainfall.

The vegetation is grown onto the M-TRAYS for a minimum six months to ensure strong, well established, healthy plants, fully integrated into the intermediate layers with solid root structures. This means less shock or bedding-in time and less risk of wind uplift or erosion in the crucial time period after installation.

Green roof construction will require additional materials to complete the projects, and Wallbarn can provide additional products to achieve this:

  • Geotextiles. We provide a wide range of geotextile fabrics  which can be used as filtration or separation layers as well as protection.
  • Edging. Aluminium edging bars are available in 100mm or 150mm high to create a clear, straight edge to the vegetation, holding it in place whilst still allowing free drainage. This right angled strip is perforated along the vertical edge to allow the water to run unaffected through the system, and does not need to be fixed through the deck; the vegetation or pebble border sits on top, ballasting horizontal base section. Wallbarn supplies these strips in 2 metre long lengths, along with connector collars and corner sections.
  • Fertilizer. Some green roof installations will require periodic fertilizer. Wallbarn can supply a range of liquid fertilizers together with full application instructions.
  • Hard landscaping:  Most green roof installations will require some sort of hard landscaping areas to support foot traffic or garden furniture.

Extensive green roofs are a lightweight and most low maintenance type of green roof system. They consist of hardy, succulent green plants installed so as to provide the simplest way to green flat roof structures in urban environments, and thus help to bring nature into the cities. They are a useful and very possible way to improve the aesthetics of often very stark and ugly flat roofs.

The main features of extensive green roofs are:

  • Lightweight – systems can be as light as 50kg per m2
  • Total build-up depth – 100 – 150mm thick
  • Simple vegetation – mainly sedum or sedum / wildflower mixes
  • Vegetation requires very low levels of nutrients
  • Use aggregate based growing medium / substrate
  • Drought tolerant
  • Saline tolerant
  • Low maintenance requirement

Extensive green roof systems are built up in individual layers from the waterproofed deck or insulation layer (in the case of inverted roof systems). This system of installation is often called the component  or roll-out  system of installation. Each component of the system is supplied separately.

The sedum blankets are rolled up carefully, the filtration and separation layers are supplied in rolls and the substrate is supplied in bags.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the modular green roof trays available from Wallbarn please give us a call on Tel. No. 0208 916 2222 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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