Green roofs and living green roof installation Green Roof South

Green roofs and living green roof installation Green Roof South

Green Roofs Information

Green roofs are a living, beautiful and modern solution for new and existing flat roof areas. Green roofs bring a huge number of environmental and economic advantages to the building owner, including significantly extending the life of your waterproofing membrane and consequently provide the best long term value. There are many options available today, each offering different advantages:

Sedum: Sedum plants are low growing succulents which provide an attractive, practical and affordable solution. Sedum plants are drought resistant and hardy, and as such require very little maintenance, which is largely why extensive sedum roofs remain the most popular choice in the UK today. This is the ideal domestic green roof system for both refurbishment and new build applications. As with all green roofs. this system will help keep your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It will improve air quality and contribute acoustically, particularly if your location is an urban environment.

Wildflower: Biodiverse, perennial planting with an excellent SUDS performance. This is a beautiful, natural looking solution which essentially replicates a wildflower meadow within your own personal urban space. Wildflower roofs require maintenance and the system is heavier because a greater depth of substrate necessary. Wildflower roofs have all the environmental benefits of the standard extensive system but generally the effects are greater.

Turf: A natural, easy to maintain solution, traditional and simple which has been widely used across Scandinavia for over 35 years, suitable for flat and pitched roof areas.

All green roofs have great aesthetic appeal and bring considerable environmental and economic benefits. Green roofs enhance your environment and blend in beautifully with your surroundings. Green roofs are usually beneficial when seeking planning application approval because of their contribution towards sustainability. See Benefits and FAQ .

Unfortunately there are numerous "cheap" green roofing systems available in the UK which typically comprise a thin sedum mat laid directly onto a water retention mat or similar, incorporating very ilttle supporting substrate, or even in some instances none at all. These systems do not meet the criteria set out by FLL and sadly tend to become patchy and are highly prone to erosion, especially at the perimetre, after only a few years. Instead of being dense and lush, the plants struggle to perform and are likely to require frequent watering and premature feeding. The main reasons will be lack of depth, poor design, unsuitable substrate or no supporting substrate at all.

The FLL Guidelines are a comprehensive set of standards devised in Germany born from over 30 years experience in green roof installation. They give clear guidance on depth of system to achieve long term performance as well as all aspects of green roofing including components, design and installation. Compliance with the FLL standards in our opinion is the best way to guarantee a beautiful green roof which lasts.

The German FLL Guidelines are downloadable from this site in an English translation. Please Click Here .

A brand new Code of Practice for the UK has been developed by GRO (The Green Roof Organisation) GRO comprises organisations involved in the green roof industry within the UK. The code of practice they have developed is loosely based on the German FLL guidelines and is aimed at ensuring high standards are met and maintained within the UK. The GRO Code of Practice is downloadable by Clicking Here .

Green roofs specialist Io Contracts have built a first class reputation in green living roofs. garden roof s and general building and construction. We specialise in the green roof s for the domestic market and take time to understand the specific needs of each and every one of our customers in order to deliver the finished result exactly to our client’s specifications. We undertake building extensions. building alterations. building renovations. roofing work, flat roofs and loft conversions. Our complete and comprehensive living roof knowledge enables us to offer the homeowner advice and information on all aspects of the roof build without the need to refer to other trades. Our green roof building arm operates in around local areas of Hampshire including Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester Basingstoke, Farnborough, Andover, Fleet, Alton, The New Forest, Eastleigh, Fareham, Gosport, Havant and further afield including Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Surrey, West Sussex and London. References are always available on request and some of our past clients are happy to allow viewings by appointment. Become environmentally friendly and contact us about ordering a Green Living Roof today!

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