GRP Flat Roofing System Topseal GRP Fibreglass Lightweight, Weather Proof, Fire Retardant,

GRP Flat Roofing System Topseal GRP Fibreglass Lightweight, Weather Proof, Fire Retardant,

Topseal GRP fibreglass flat roofing system

Topseal represents the ultimate stylish flat roofing system, with full BBA certification and a 25-year product and craftsmanship guarantee.

Topseal is developed and manufactured in the UK by a leading team of scientists and product engineers. Some of the first Topseal fibreglass roofs completed over 30 years ago show no signs of deterioration. The Building Research Establishment (BRE) conducted a survey which showed the condition of several GRP buildings around 25-30 years old to be structurally sound.

Each Topseal roof is formed in situ, to any size, shape, colour or thickness. The glass fibres are laid and held together with layers of polyester plastic (resin) which becomes hard after being cured. Once cured it becomes a very tough material which cannot be cut with a knife.

Key features and benefits:

  • Product longevity
  • BBA certified
  • Installed with a 25 year guarantee
  • Only laid by trained and approved contractors
  • Maintenance free
  • Superb appearance with a choice of colour finishes
  • Light weight
  • Extremely tough and durable (cannot be cut by a knife and can resist heavy traffic)
  • Optional non-slip finishes (can be sealed with a non slip coating, therefore suitable for balconies and walkways)
  • Versatile — used on flat roofs, dormers, balconies, box gutters and valleys
  • Seamless and jointless — easy to seal around complex shapes and roof fittings
  • Weather proof
  • Fire retardant to Class 1
  • Environmentally friendly

Installation Process

Flat roof preparation

Any existing roof covering is carefully removed in a neat and orderly manner. Roof joists are inspected to ensure they are secure and free from rot. Roof insulation is assessed

Roof decking

18mm tongue and grooved OSB3 Timber decking boards are laid (in such a way to minimise expansion and contraction) The boards are fixed to the joists using a nail gun or screwed down with a screw gun.

The edge trims are pre-manufactured out of Topseal GRP.

Trims are bonded to the decking boards using a polyurethane adhesive and secured with a nail gun or stapler.

Chopped strand mat (made from glass fibres) is rolled out into position to cover the roof decking and cut to size.

Joints in the trims and corners are bandaged with additional 200mm squares of mat for extra strength.

The formulated resin is applied to the fibreglass matting and cures to form a tough waterproof membrane. The roof is now ready for the topcoat colour of choice.

Topcoat Colour

The main roof and all the adjoining trims are now finished in the topcoat colour resin. The topcoat resin is formulated to cure very fast to leave a completely waterproof roof with no joints or seams.

Roof system standards compliance

  • BBA approved roof system, Certificate Number: 93/2932
  • The finished roof is fire retardant to Class 1
  • UV resistant

For further information about Topseal GRP flat roof click here.

Roof Guarantee

A Topseal GRP flat roof system comes with a 20 year protected guarantee and is supported by unbeatable customer service.

GRP Flat Roof BBA Certification

The British Board of Agrement (BBA) is an organisation partnered with the government and provides independent information on the performance of building products.

Assessments involves three distinct areas: laboratory testing, site inspections (undertaken by BBAs own inspection services team) and factory production control.

The BBA Certificate Number 93/2932 can be viewed at

The certificate guarantees that each Topseal GRP flat roof system can only be installed by approved contractors.

Roofix Services Ltd has undergone extensive training and is continually quality controlled.

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