How to Attach Christmas Lights to a Roof eHow

How to Attach Christmas Lights to a Roof eHow


The first step in creating a memorable Christmas light display is deciding which style of light you are going to apply to the roof. Options include large bulb, multi-colored lights or the more muted white or green light. Choosing the correct lights is nothing more than a matter of personal opinion.

Set up your adjustable ladder securely to allow for easy access to the roof. Before climbing the ladder to access the roof, give the ladder several structural and sturdiness tests to ensure climbing safety. If you find that the ladder seems unstable or the soil under the ladder is too soft to support your weight while climbing, move the ladder to a more secure position before accessing the roof.

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Every time you walk across the roof, you cause damage to your shingles. More damage is done if you attach Christmas lights.

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How to Attach Christmas Lights to a Roof. If you are hoping to put up a light display that will make the.

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Use plastic shingle tabs or light clips to attach the Christmas lights to the roof. You can purchase these plastic clips at.

Do not plug the lights in until after you have finished stapling them in place. Decorating your house with Christmas lights.

If you're going all out with a Christmas light display, the roof is too large a surface area to ignore. A steep.

Christmas lights can be attached to a variety of surfaces using different styles of small plastic clips. The clips wrap around the.

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How to Attach Christmas Lights to a Roof eHow

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If you live in an apartment or if your house has no exterior electrical outlets, you may decide to hang Christmas lights.

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Hang Christmas lights along your roof's ridges to add a finishing touch to your festive decorations this holiday season. Christmas lights must.

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