How to Build a Roof Over a Deck

How to Build a Roof Over a Deck

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Decks can be fun places to spend time during the summer. But without any shade, they can become very hot. A roof above the deck provides shade during sunny days, and allows people to spend time outside while being protected from the rain on not-so-sunny days.

Step 1: Planning

Take accurate measurements of the porch and write them down. Be sure that there is no rain in the forecast when the day comes to install it. After checking the weather, gather all the tools and materials you will need in a general area. These items should include lumber, roofing felt, roofing cement, joists, plywood, nails, a hammer, pencils, screws, a screwdriver, mounting brackets and shingles.

Now is the time to measure post locations as well. Support posts will be made with 4 x 4 pieces of lumber, spaced 4 feet apart.

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Step 2: Preparation

Once the support post locations have been decided on, mark the location. Measure them once again to be sure they are in accurate locations. Cut the support posts to appropriate lengths. Posts need to be the same height as the roof that they are being added to. This ensures that the new roof will be even with the existing one,

Step 3: Install support posts

Erect the 4 x 4 posts along the perimeter of the porch, ensuring that they’re spaced at 4-foot intervals. Attach the beams to the floorboards of the porch using mounting brackets and screws. Use 4 x 4 posts against the house as well.

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Step 4: Framing

Using 2 x 4 inch boards, create a frame for the roof on the ground. The ground provides adequate support and safety, as opposed to trying to attach it to already erected posts. The frame should be the same size as the outer dimensions of the porch. Make sure to use screws and mounting brackets to ensure a strong hold.

Step 5: Install the frame

Hoist the frame up onto the support beams and nail them in place. Attach joists to the 2 x 4s, and then attach them to the frame with screws. They need to be placed every 2 feet, and run from the house to the end of the porch, rather than parallel to the house. This makes the structure stable. Additionally, these boards need to be positioned so that the thin edge is facing down towards the porch.

Step 6: Add plywood for the surface

Using ½ inch plywood, cover the 2 x 4 inch boards. Attach the plywood with nails spaced about 8 inches apart. Be sure the plywood sticks out a little over the edges to help with draining.

Step 7: Felting

Take the felt and run strips along the plywood. Start from the outermost edge of the roof. Apply the next strip so that it overlaps about 1 inch over the last one. Nail the felt dwon to the plywood, spacing the nails about 1 foot apart along the top and bottom of the strips. Felt should be flush with the plywood.

Step 8: Add shingles

Apply the shingles in the same fashion as the felt. Shingles need to extend just past the plywood and felt. Start at the edge farthest from the house. The side with the divots should be facing towards the bottom of the roof. With one row of shingles applied, overlap them so that the next row up covers the previous one by about 6 inches. Think of them almost like toppled dominos. Nails should be put in the top edge of the shingles, about 8 inches apart. When done correctly, the top half of the shingle will not be visible.

Step 9: Cleanup

Be sure to dispose of any waste properly. Put tools back in the garage, and store any unused materials for future projects.

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