Living Roofs Recommended living roof suppliers.

Living Roofs Recommended living roof suppliers.

Living roofs, sometimes known as green roofs, are made by applying a layer of living plants over a flat or sloping roof. The are available in two main forms: intensive living roofs and extensive living roofs.

Intensive living roofs have a relatively deep layer of growing medium, and can accommodate a wide variety of plants and shrubs, including those with substantial roots. Intensive living roofs can be used to create the full effect of a garden on a roof. Extensive living roofs have a much shallower layer of growing medium, and are designed for plants with very shallow roots, such as Sedum. Extensive living roofs are much lighter than intensive living roofs, typically weighing about 25 pounds per square foot.

Although more complicated and expensive to install than a traditional flat roof, living roofs have several advantages. They increase the life of the roofing membrane, by shielding it from ultra violet rays and from temperature extremes. They also reduce energy loss, and create a wildlife habitat.


The following leading living roof manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of living roofs. including online catalogs, suitable plants for living roofs, and care and maintenance of living roofs .

Apex: Living Roofs. Apex Green Roofs, headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts, is a specialist in the emerging vegetative roof industry. The Apex website contains sections covering the specific benefits of green roofs: reduced energy consumption; containing storm water; reduced heat island effect; improvement in air quality; extending the life of the roof membrane; increasing property values; and attracting wildlife. The Apex website has case studies explaining a wide range of green roof projects for private houses, schools, colleges, and commercial buildings.

Living Roofs Recommended living roof suppliers.

Emery Knoll Farms: Living Roofs. Emery Knoll Farms, is situated in northern Harford County, Maryland. It is a leading supplier of plants for extensive green roof systems. Emery Knoll Farms stocks over 100 green roof plants, and has a continually tests new green roof plants. It also funds several green roof research programmes. Emery Knoll Farms operates sustainably, with solar power being used to pump all the water required for its greenhouses, and most electricity being supplied by photovoltaic cells. Emery Knoll Farms can supply green roof plants as plugs, cuttings, or seeds.

Tecta America Corp: Living Roofs. Tecta America Corp, situated in Skokie, Illinois, is a leading US roofing contractor. Tecta specialises in green roofs, supplying intensive and extensive systems. These can be used on flat roofs and roofs with a slope. Extensive green roofs are installed for environmental and energy saving reasons. They are relatively lightweight, adding weight of only 16 pounds to 35 pounds per square foot. Intensive green roofs are deeper and heavier and can be used with a wider variety of plants. The plant most frequently used by Tecta for living roofs is Sedum.


We recommend the following professional construction directories, which include standard specifications, manufacturers’ specs, and CAD details: 4Specs at, Arcat at, Arcom at, Reed at, Sweets at

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