Low Pitch Roofing Options eHow

Low Pitch Roofing Options eHow

Roof Structure

The structure for a low-pitch roof is close to that of a floor. However, the roof structure must protect from exterior conditions. So the roof deck must be strong and impervious. The types of roof structure can be divided into two categories: non-nailable and nailable. Non-nailable structures include pre-stressed, pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete, and these cannot be roofed with standard mechanical fasteners, such as nails or certain screws. Nailable structures include steel, lightweight concrete, gypsum concrete and cementitious wood fiber board; these can be roofed with standard mechanical fasteners. Non-nailable roof structures are stronger and offer better thermal resistance but are harder to repair

Membrane Materials

Low-pitch roofs are traditionally sheathed with built-up roofing, which is a series of layers of felts, fabrics and bitumen to provide a flexible, watertight surface. However, more contemporary roofing, such as modified bitumen, single-ply, sprayed polyurethane foam, liquid applied and metal paneling provide better protection from the elements with added insulating properties

These membranes are either fastened with adhesives or fasteners, ballasted with gravel aggregate or held in place by concrete pavers. Each material has its own characteristics, and you should consult a roofing company and the roofing product manufacturer before applying the roofing membrane to a low-pitch roof.

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Of all roofing systems, low-slope roofs are most susceptible to the damaging consequences of water infiltration. Issues such as leaking might lead.

Low-Slope Roofing Options. Low-Slope Roofing Options. Of all roofing systems, low-slope roofs are most susceptible to the damaging consequences of water infiltration.

Low-slope roofs tend to be more affected by weather conditions then those with high pitches. This is because the sun and rain.

Low-pitched roofs require less material than higher pitched roofs. It is the simplest type of pitched roof in design and can.

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Finally, how much it costs to purchase and install. Pick the roof treatment that works for roof pitch and combines the best.

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Craftsman homes have a distinctive look with eaves that hang over the home and a low-pitched roof. Traditional exterior colors for a.

Architectural shingles are heavier, stronger and longer lasting than three-tab shingles, making them a good choice for low-pitch roofs. They require a.

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Adding a layer of lightweight concrete offers insulation. The roof slope, which is often called the roof pitch, can be expressed.

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