Maibec Defective Wood Shingle Class Action Attorneys

Maibec Defective Wood Shingle Class Action Attorneys

Class Action Lawsuit against Canadian Wood Siding Shingle Manufacturer Alleges Rot, Decay and Insect Damage before Warranty Expires

A class action lawsuit filed in New Jersey against Canadian wood siding maker, Maibec, alleges the manufacturer sold cedar tree shingles that warped and cracked despite extensive warranties. The lawsuit filed by lead plaintiff James Vander Veer alleges that the wood cedar tree shingles . are plagued by design flaws that result in warping, peeling, cracking, buckling and curling.

If your house was built with wood shingles manufactured by Maibec Inc. that warped and cracked long before their warranty expired, the product liability attorneys at Parker Waichman LLP would like to speak to you. If Maibec failed to honor its warranty obligations to fix the failed shingles on your home, you may be entitled to compensation and you may be eligible to join a Maibec wood shingle class action lawsuit that is seeking restitution for owners of buildings that have used Maibec shingles.

Mr. Vander Veer says he was the former owner of a home improvement company that hired a subcontractor to fit a New Jersey house with Maibec wood siding. Four years after the siding was installed, the complaint asserts, the homeowners complained that the shingles had curled away from the house. Mr. Vander Veer alleges that when he contacted Maibec to fix the problem, the company refused, forcing him into a settlement with the homeowners.

The putative class action lawsuit includes all individuals and entities who have owned buildings in the U.S. that have used Maibec shingles at any time since 1986. In the alternative, the plaintiffs seeks class certification for all individuals and entities in New Jersey who have owned properties with Maibec shingles installed after 1986.

If you own a home or building with Maibec wood shingles installed since 1986, you may be entitled to compensation. Lawyers at our personal injury law firm who specialize in class action lawsuits and construction defect litigation are offering free legal consultations to anyone seeking to join the Maibec wood shingle class action lawsuit. To learn if you qualify, please contact our Maibec wood shingle class action lawsuit lawyers today by completing our online form or call us at 1-800-YOURLAWYER(1-800-968-7529) .

Maibec Wood Siding Shingle Class Action Lawsuit Allegations

Maibec, Canadas leading wood siding maker, produces siding under the brand names Nantucket Kennebunk and Bar Harbor and distributes its products in more than a dozen states. Maibec marketed its shingles as high-quality, durable and resistant to rot and insect damage. The Maibec shingles were also guaranteed for 50 years against wood decay, offering a 30-year warranty on two coats of solid stain and a five-year warranty on labor.

The Maibec wood shingle class action lawsuit alleges that Maibecs eastern white cedar tree shingles fail well before the end of the companys 50-year warranty against wood decay. When they do, Maibec does not uniformly honor its warranty obligations. The lawsuit further alleges that Maibec knows its shingles fail in a fraction of that time, but intentionally conceals that the products deteriorate, and has no intention of providing the services outlined in its warranties.

Joining the Maibec Wood Shingle Class Action Lawsuit

If you have had a similar experience with Maibec wood shingles, you have valuable legal rights. We urge you to contact one of our Maibec wood shingle lawyers about joining this class action lawsuit, please fill out our online form, or call 1-800-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529) today.

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