Roof Windows Keylite Roof Windows

Roof Windows Keylite Roof Windows

Roof Windows

Centre Pivot Roof Windows

Centre Pivot roof windows (CP) are the most commonly specified and versatile of all Keylite Roof Windows.

Centre pivot windows are suitable for single or multiple applications in any roof with a pitch of 15 degrees to 90 degrees.

The opening handle is conveniently placed at the top of the window and also controls ventilation, giving the option of fresh air flow even when the window is locked and secure.

The Keylite range with Futuretherm technology is the results of a 100% focus on innovation. Enhancements throughout our new skylights make installation even easier than before and improve the overall user experience.

Keylite roof windows are the only roof windows with a built-in device that closes the gap between the roof and the window frame, for better thermal performance.

Top Hung / Fire Escape Roof Windows

Ideal in low pitched roofs as the roof window opens outward, maximising the daylight that enters the room without the sash encroaching on your valuable internal space.

As a means of escape, the window opens to to an unobstructed area for safe exit, in the event of an emergency. The opening handle located at the bottom of the window is easily accessible.

The Keylite Fire Escape / Top Hung skylight windows open to 45 degrees, complying with statutory regulation.

Effective ventilation is provided by the vent flap at the top of the window, which regulates the air flow, even when the window is closed.

Fire Escape & Access Roof Windows

Integral Blind Roof Windows

The roof windows with the blind sealed within the glass for protection against moisture, dust and damage.

The integral blind roof windows provide enhanced sun-shading and improves the u-value of the sealed unit. Available in manual or electric operations.

Conservation Roof Windows

Keylite Conservation roof windows are designed to complement both renovation and new build projects in a traditional style.

The black central glazing bar and and low profile external flashing maintain the traditional character of the building, whilst still accommodating the flow of natural light to the interior below.

Roof Windows Keylite Roof Windows

While traditional in its external appearance, standard conservation rooflights benefit from all of the advanced Keylite features including thermal efficiency, low maintenance and ventilation control.

Conservation roof windows are available in centre pivot, top hung and in a pine or white finish.

Flat Roof System

Many properties have extensions with flat or near flat roofing. Keylite has developed a Flat Roof Window System specifically for this application, which allows daylight into the area beneath.

Combi Roof System

Keylite combi flat roof windows are a practical solution to the installation of pairs of roof windows in a flat roof. The system is completely prefabricated for ease of installation onsite.

Keylite combi flat roof windows come complete with a shaped, insulated wooden kerb and flashing kit.

To maximise the amount of natural light entering the room, the front and back framing is angled. The system is also available with Keylite Electric Operation and Smoke Ventilation systems.

Keylite Flat Roof Domes are thermoformed with a triple skin construction. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, with an impact strength 250 times greater than glass.

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