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Roofers in London - The London Roofing Specialists - 0203 322 3245

If you are looking for roofing contractors in London and the South East, The London Roofing Specialists are here to help. We connect you with one of Londons most established and trusted roofers, who through many years experience have earnt the trust of several homeowners, local businesses and large corporations through the quality of work done and the quality of roofing services  provided. We are just as happy to assist residential clients as well as commercial roofing customers and our partner has the experience and capability to take on everything from small maintenance jobs or gutter cleaning, right up to large scale roof construction.

Flat roof repair and construction

Flat roofs are another speciality, and we can assist you with taking care of anything from flat roof repair to a complete re-covering job or even from-scratch flat roof construction. Flat roofs are prone to various problems and require upkeep and maintenance, to avoid issues such as leaks and blisters. We can help you take care of roof repairs such as this, as well as resealings and waterproofings. We connect you with one of Londons best roofing contractors for all flat roof issues.

Gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning and repair  is a service we often provide assisance for to our residential clients and one of the most commonly requested roofing services. The gutters on your building are obviously essential to protect the foundations and surface of your building by directing rainfall away, thereby avoiding water damage. But gutters are prone to blockages and so a program of regular gutter cleaning by professional roofers is recommended to keep them in good working order. We help provide this service to many residential and commercial clients around London and can ensure you an efficient and effective service to keep your gutters in good working order. We can also help you take care of gutter repair if there is damage to them.

Commercial roofing services

Our partners are also the trusted roofers for several small and large businesses requiring commercial roofing services. They are experienced at taking on projects for large public buildings, schools and restoration properties and non-residential structures such as warehouses or factories, and work efficiently and at competitive prices. Whether it is for new builds. repairs. refurbishments or maintenance, we are able to help you with many types of roofing and cladding systems, including work such as safety netting, rooflights and steelwork.

Service, guarantees and safety

Unlike other roofers, at the London Roofing Specialists we take a very customer focused approach, aiming to provide you with a very high standard of service and work around your budgets, timelines and specific requirements. This means that we only connect you with those that take a serious approach to aspects such as working quickly and efficiently, staying on-budget and on-schedule and paying attention to details such as site clean-up. It goes without saying that we also value a very high quality of work, and those that source premium materials that are long lasting, strong and durable.

The prices you will receive are very competitive and which we think are some of the best amongst roofing contractors in the market, and if your budget requires it, it may be possible to find alternative sources of materials for projects to help you keep your costs down.

Roofers in London - The London Roofing Specialists - 0203 322 3245

We also take a serious approach to compliance, and we make sure that all works are performed in line with building regulations, as well as health and safety guidelines to ensure the safety of the workers and anyone around the site.

Finally, we aim for a right first time approach, but if anything happens to go wrong with one of our installations or repairs, our partners generally offer a significant year guarantee on the work to offer you peace of mind.

Get in touch with us today, unlike many roofers, we can generally help you with a free visitation and estimate.

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