Roofing Denver Colorado

Roofing Denver Colorado


A roof leak is a major problem that can cause damage to the structure of your Denver, Colorado home. It can also cause mold growth, thereby increasing the risk of respiratory diseases as well as allergies. Timely inspection of roof and resolution of potential leaks is critically important. If the problem of leaking roof is not addressed in time, then it can cause major financial loss for the homeowners.

Possible Colorado Roof Leak

Certain classic signs of roof leak can help homeowners in identifying the problem and resolving it in time. When leaking of roof starts, homeowners can observe ceiling stains where the water starts penetrating the roof. In such cases the water typically pools on outer walls and starts penetrating the wall, thereby causing the tell-tale stains. In many cases the roof leaks tend to occur in places of brick walls or masonry fireplaces. In case of light built in the ceiling, the leaking water may accumulate in the outer portion of light’s housing. In case of serious leaking problems, the roof may develop a sag.

Another serious problem with the leaking roof is the shifting foundation, wherein the soil underneath the home may shift. Other signs of possible leaking roof include curled shingles as well as broken shingles. A leaking roof problem can also cause missing or damaged flashing particularly around edge of the roof.


One of the common causes of roof leak is an aging roof exposed to elements such as rain and wind. A deteriorated roof is susceptible to experiencing problems such as leaking roof. If a roof is not properly installed, then water can find its way into the house. Improper flashing around the skylights, chimneys, and roof can allow water to gain entry and cause leaking. Damaged tiles, raised metal panels, and other problems can result in potential leaks. Ice dams can also cause leaking. When the snow settles on the roof in a thick layer, it can melt over the attic areas due to the warm area. Such melted snow can refreeze under shingles and eventually drip inside attic areas, thereby resulting in a leaking roof.

Identifying Roof Leaks

The roof leak can be identified by locating running water or removing shingles in the area that may have the leak. Leaks tend to occur in attic areas and accessing these areas can help in identifying the leaks. The gutters should also be checked for shingle debris as well as granules.

Resolving Roof Leaks

To resolveroof leak problems in Denver, CO it is important to hire professional roofing contractors who have adequate experience and expertise in detecting and resolving leaks. Experienced roofing professionals are able to inspect the roof areas thoroughly and can identify roof leaks, even the ones that are concealed. Experienced professionals are also able to provide the right solutions that can resolve the leak problems. Minor roof leaks can be resolved through repair while roof replacement may be required in case of major leaks. It is therefore critically important that the leaks are detected and resolved in time.

In a building the roof is the uppermost part and it is the basic necessity for all human beings. Roof top plays an important role in protecting the your Denver, Colorado home. It also protects us from all the adversities of nature like storm, rain, intense heat and cold and also from animals. Roof tops are also made with several materials like cement, mosaic, asbestos etc. It needs to be maintained regularly with proper care.

Types of roof tops in Colorado

Roof tops are designed in several ways according to the wish of the owner. Sometimes it is slanting, sometimes vertical, sometimes slanting and vertical both. It is pyramid also. Arched roof is also common. Silicon roof is also there to cover the exterior of roofs. The other type of the roof is the flat roof which is easy to construct and is also safe. But it requires lot of maintenance and repair.

How roof tops are damaged

Everything is mortal in this universe. So, roof tops are also in this list of mortality. Mainly it is damaged by the adversities of nature. Flat roof is damaged more regularly than others. Water damage is the most important way of damage of this flat roof top as water and snow does not have the way to slide down.  Other roof tops are also damaged but are comparatively lesser than flat topped roof.  Water damage is the most common damage of a roof. Roof gets damage every day for it gets heat and the UV rays directly. Removed shingles help the moisture to get in and the entire roof gets damage. If not repaired in this case it can leads to health problem also. Poor maintenance of roof also leads to severe damage.

How to repair damage

Many people have experienced the water damage of roof in their house. Due to this water damage our personal property is destroyed. Many people face this problem in every respective year. There are many contractors to help us in mending the roof tops. These days there are agencies also for mending the roofs. Roof replacement can also be done for repairing. Damages of roofs are dependent on the material of the roof. Maintenance should be regular to avoid severe damage. Regular inspection of the roof is required to block the damage.

When to repair a roof

A roof needs to be maintained regularly. There is no proper time for the repair as damage can occur at any time. Especially it needs mending after a heavy rainy season or frost. When a leakage is noticed then also it needs mending. A roof full of worn out shingles also needs mending and proper treatment. While mending a roof it has to pass through several technologies and ways.

Importance of mending a roof

Your Colorado roof is the most important part of a building. It provides the shelter and save us from several danger. Roof should be mended as it can leads to several health problems. Many properties also get damaged in this way. For, all this reason roof mending is required.

Aflat roof leak is often caused due to moisture in the atmosphere. This at times could be quite difficult to locate, however, with the advancement of science and technology, it has become easy for the roofing professionals to locate the leak in a flat roof by using a new method called infrared survey. The most common types of roofs found is the flat one due to its simplicity, however, due to its design, this roof is said to be quite susceptible to water building up and thus getting damaged.

Technique of determining a flat roof leak with the assistance of infrared survey

An infrared survey helps the helps Denver, Colorado homeowners have a long roof life. This type of inspections, allow the infrared camera to scrutinize the complete roof area and check for moisture. If at all there is a leak in the roof of the house, the roof structure or insulation would become wet and a greater thermal mass is located in the wet insulation than the other location of the structure. The infrared ray is easily able to detect the moisture present in this location. This technique is thus quite fascinating as the results provided by the scan is crystal clear and determines the exact location where moisture has built up on the roof, thus facilitating the roofing experts to clear the moisture and get the roof back to its normal position.

Two choices available to find a flat roof leak repair in Denver

By using the infrared survey, it is possible to search for the roof leak in two different ways. The first method is by performing an inspection physically, by walking down on the roof and the other is from a distance. After a rain, the roof becomes dangerous to walk, especially it is old and slippery. It would also be tough on the part of the house owner to locate the flat roof leak all by himself, however, a qualified professional who is wary of all the consequences, can easily locate the damage. However, with the help of an infrared ray that is taken from a distance, locating the extent of damage caused to the roof becomes easier as walking down the damaged roof is not necessary on the part of the professional.

Detecting flat roof leaks before the problem enlarges

Due to improper maintenance of the Colorado roof, they are prone to get damaged in the long run. Other causes of nature like rain and snow may also damage the roof after some time. Moisture that accumulates in the roof is the major cause for the walls of the house to dampen. This is why, the house owners are strictly advised to check for the damages caused after every rainy and winter season so that the damage does not become a large one that might cause damage to the entire structure of the house. Hence, regular checks need to be done and if possible, hire professionals who would use the infrared ray technology to find any type of damage caused to the roof.

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