Roofing Leeds ME, Roofer Leeds ME, Roofing Contractor Leeds Maine Roofing Services — Local ME

Roofing Leeds ME, Roofer Leeds ME, Roofing Contractor Leeds Maine Roofing Services - Local ME

Maine Roofing Services Your Local roofer in Leeds ME for over 25 years.

As a select shingle roofer we bring all of the experience roof technicians in Leeds ME, your home will be the best it can be as our Maine Roofing Services have stood the test of time throughout the years. We include every possible roof installation package that would include tear off of for your old roof and replacing it with a brand-new architectural roofing shingle or tear off of your old rolled roofing, wooden shake roofing or even your single ply rubber roofing that may have failed over the years. We give the very best price possible to help you get your new roof, and we buy a large volume of roofing products every year and we are able to give you the very best price. We understand that buying a new roof can be stressful, and we want to make sure that you have all the knowledge you need when you are ready to have your roof replaced or your roof repaired in Leeds ME.

Our customers say it best watch this video below:

We have thousands of homeowners in the local Maine area and if you would like us to come to your property and quote what the cost for a new roof replacement just click on the banner below and schedule your appointment on our website and we will contact you ASAP we are here to help you and we will contact you via e-mail and telephone.

With thousands of satisfied homeowners and we are completing roofs in Leeds ME which is very nice home town community. Our Maine roofing services completes the roof replacement fast but also efficiently, protecting all the surrounding areas of your home. If we are doing a roof repair we can usually do that within a couple of hours, and we will help you if you are working with insurance company to get your roof repaired or replaced. You can always give us a call can schedule your free in-home estimate, and if you would like just a quick quote on our roof we can usually look up your information with an online database so we can get you a rough estimate for your new roof. We will do whatever it takes to make sure your another satisfied customer and Leeds Maine.

Because we are a local roofer Leeds ME and do roof replacements all over the Coast of Maine we can move in an off the job site very quickly with our team of roofing professionals. Many roofing companies try to keep up with our professional standard and we have always maintained some the highest level of credentials in the roofing industry. Our company I is recognized as a Select Shingle Master and we pride ourselves with offering the five-star coverage that covers your materials labor for up to 50 years non-prorated. Most companies give a five-year workmanship guarantee but we offer a 25 year guarantee that is backed up by CertainTeed Corporation our shingle manufacturer.

Complete Roof Replacement Leeds ME

David Deschaine has always been a roofing contractor in Leeds ME is provided some of the highest quality residential roofing services in the industry. We do understand that having a roof replaced can be very stressful and thats why we want to make sure the you get all the facts up front. When we inspect your roof we go over everything, we will do a visual inspection of the current roofing conditions, show you photos and offer roof replacement products that will not only make your home beautiful but will last a lifetime. Once you decide on what shingles you would like to have on your home we bring our roofing professionals and highly experienced roof technicians to your home and do whatever we can to exceed your expectations.

Chimney Leaks Or Chimney Flashing Leeds ME

As part of our roofing packages we include chimney flashing Leeds ME to prevent water infiltration around the chimney. Typically chimney flashing the last up to 100 years, and will not have to replaced each time the roofers replaced. We will do a visual inspection to make sure that the flashing around the chimney is in good shape, and if needed we will include a complete chimney flashing replacement as part up our roofing package. this may require us grinding out the old chimney flashing cutting grooves between the brick to make sure we can get a brand-new 12 inch lead flashing into the chimney. we had ice and water shield all around the chimney before we install the flashing to make sure you get the extra protection needed so you can have the peace of mind knowing that would your lifetime roof your chimney flashing has also been replaced and you never have to worry about any leaks again.

Our Roof Repair Services Leeds ME

Sometimes you may not need a new roof, our roof repair services in Leeds ME may consist of replacing a few shingles from blow-offs or replacing a few shingles from cupping or curling from heat exposure. We also will inspect the roof while with their and take photos to uncover any problems that you may be having with the current roofing on your home. Homes and Leeds Maine are built with the best materials supplied by some of the best lumber yards in ME but low end roofing products can be a problem for the long-term. there are many class-action lawsuits against roofing manufacturers and we want to make sure that you only get the very best roofing products for your roof repair or roof replacement in Leeds Maine.

Roofing Leeds ME, Roofer Leeds ME, Roofing Contractor Leeds Maine Roofing Services - Local ME

Roof Cleaning To Remove Staining In Leeds ME

Over the years debris will collect on your roof in Leeds Maine and you will begin to notice streaks and staining going down your roof and you will want to get that removed. It not only is unsightly but can damage your roofing shingles with a long exposure of the moss or lichen growth. Over the years the asphalt begins to deteriorate under the stone thats on top of the shingle, in the UV Ray will break down the stabilizes in the asphalt and you will notice that the lichen will begin to grow on to the shingle and this does not require any soil because it is a soil-less plant root system. We bring our roof cleaning team to your home we spray on a product called shingle Shield and what that does it kills the strain of lichen growth or the moss roof on your roof and then we remove it with a low Powered pressure washer. This can take a full day to do a complete roof because of the climate required to do it safely, and we use all of the necessary tools and equipment And stage and to keep our roofing technicians safe when we clean your roof..

Flat Roof Replacement Or Repair in Leeds ME

Flat roof replacement in Leeds ME requires the use of rolled roofing materials a poster roofing shingles, and when we bring our roofing technicians over to do the job this does require using single ply rubber, rolled asphalt roofing material Which are fully adhered to the fiber insulation board on the roof deck or using and underlayment and fully adhered rolled asphalt products. our sales staff will help you in choosing the best roofing products for your home, and when we do our roof inspection and free estimate We will go over all the information and products required to make sure that you get the right roofing materials on your flat roof.This is important because shingles are made for shedding water not for standing snow and ice, so its very important that you add the right roofing materials When youre replacing your flat roof.

Snow And Ice Dam Removal In Leeds ME

If you have ice dams or gutter backups in Leeds ME you need to get those remove quickly before you have interior water damage. Many people experience ice dams or water damage because of the progressive frozen ice that works up under your shingles. how this happens Is during the day the sun angle wont melt the snow and it pools up under the snow And freezes during the evening and goes up under the shingles. Once you get 6 to 8 inches of heavy snow on your roof you should get this removed, and our roofing technicians can do this very quickly. If you experience heavy frozen ice you should use calcium chloride which helps melt through the ice, and you will want to be very careful because these large icicles that hang down from the roof or your eves are very dangerous. Make sure to get on our roof maintenance programs that offers roof shoveling and ice dam removal in  the Leeds Maine area.

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