Sarnafil Ltd Roofing, Roofing Materials And Roof Materials

Sarnafil Ltd Roofing, Roofing Materials And Roof Materials

Sarnafil Company Profile

Sarnafil single ply roofing systems are supplied by Sika, a global construction product company for an extensive range of single ply roofing systems, for both new build and refurbishment, commercial and domestic applications. Virtually every type of roof design can be accommodated including flat, pitched, vertical, wave form, domed, concave, convex and many more. Sarnafil roofing systems are BBA certified, suitable for use on steel, timber and concrete structures, in warm, cold and inverted roof applications.

It is recommended that every project is overseen by a Sarnafil technical advisor who will be involved in the project from the point of initial enquiry. The technical advisor provides the design and specification of the system, wind uplift and drainage calculations, compatibility with other systems, acoustic performance, fire performance and integrity testing, along with the monitoring of on-site installation and final inspections, carried out by the Sika Roofing Applications Department.

Sika is committed to ensuring that the high quality Sarnafil roofing systems will provide the client with a durable, long lasting roofing solution, with minimal maintenance requirements. Sika achieves these goals through many processes and departments working closely together in a structured way with specifiers, main contractors, specialist roofing contractors and clients. Sarnafil roofing systems can only be installed by specialist contracting companies who have been trained by Sika in the installation of Sarnafil systems.

Sarnafil System Benefits

Sarnafil systems were introduced in 1980 and have consistently met or exceeded the requirements of the Building Regulations Part L. Other benefits of the systems include:

  • Suitable for new build and refurbishment projects
  • High durability and life expectancy of 40+ years (see BBA certificate for details)
  • Excellent fire and, thermal and acoustic performance
  • Preferred waterproofing material for flat roofs
  • Coloured membrane options imitate standing seam and batten roll profiles, offering an appearance of lead or copper roofing
  • Environmentally friendly green roof systems
  • Recyclability A+ Green Guide rating
  • BBA certification

Roofing Systems

Sika can provide a Sarnafil solution for almost every type of roof design and options include:

Exposed Roofs

An exposed roof is where the waterproofing membrane is the visible finish of the roof. Sarnafil membranes offer excellent aesthetics in a variety of colour options and for adhered applications a fleece blanket membrane can be used which minimises the ghosting of insulation boards. Options include:

  • Sarnafast mechanically fastened roofing
  • Sarnabar mechanically fastened systems
  • Adhered systems

SarnaVert Green Roofing Systems

Green roof systems are often specified for numerous reasons such as management of incident rainfall or to replace the biodiverse footprint that construction destroys; creating a new habitat for both flora and fauna. Other benefits of green roof systems include amenity, thermal mass, absorption of carbon dioxide, resulting in pollution reduction, natural cooling and aesthetics. Sika recommend a Sarnafil warm ballasted system for the Biodiverse, Extensive and Intensive roof systems as it reduces the insulation thickness and effectively controls vapour diffusion. A Sarnafil AquaDrain drainage and protection layer will be installed prior to the installation of the SarnaVert planting. Through our branded product suppliers we will oversee the whole project to ensure correct system specification, construction, substrate formulation, water storage and nutrient levels, creating a balanced and sustainable surface for year round performance and environmental benefit.

Utility Roofs

Many of the Sarnafil single ply membranes are specifically designed to be used on utility roofs. The systems will provide durable, long lasting performance and resistance against biological micro-organisms. Utility systems utilise a loose laid membrane which is covered with a complex variety of build-ups and finishes to suit the final use, which is generally amenity purposes such as podiums and car decks.

Ballasted Roofs

Sika also offers a range of Sarnafil membranes for ballasted roofs. Ballasted roofs are applications where the membrane is restrained by means of either stone ballast or paving slabs.

Home Owner Roofing

Sika Roof Assured is specifically designed for home owners who have an existing leaking flat roof, are looking to thermally upgrade a flat roof, want to add a green roof, solar PV or solar thermal system or to add a lasting roofing system to a new build. Roof Assured is a market leading solution which is based on Sarnafil and is only installed by trained and registered Sarnafil installers.

Solar Roofing

Sarnafil roofing systems can support a number of solar thermal, rigid solar cell systems and solar PV solutions to provide renewable energy sources.

Accessories, Ancillary Products and System Components

The Sarnafil single ply roofing system comprises of a waterproof membrane and an extensive range of ancillary components that when utilised together form a complete roofing system. Components include:

  • Mechanical fasteners
  • Adhesives
  • Pre-formed details
  • Thermal insulation
  • Vapour control layers
  • Rainwater outlets
  • Fall-arrest anchorage
  • Solar support posts
  • Lightning conductor pads
  • Decorative profiles
  • Rooflights

Sika is committed to producing a range of Sarnafil roofing systems that will accommodate a vast range of roof structures. Sarnafil systems are renowned throughout the world for quality, durability and longevity. The Sika website offers clients comprehensive information on the extensive range of Sarnafil roofing systems, products and services. Continuous research and development of the product range allows the company to introduce new and innovative solutions to satisfy the ever changing market demands, offering comprehensive advice and a full service from the initial enquiry through to installation and aftercare.

For more in-depth information please contact us using the buttons above or visit the Sarnafil section of the Sika website:

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