Roof, Decks & Patio Products — Strickly Green Grass

Roof, Decks & Patio Products - Strickly Green Grass

The last place anyone would think to put grass would be the roof, right? What about grass on your deck or patio or even around your pool? SYNLawn transforms these areas into beautiful outdoor living areas to enhance your quality of life by creating more usable and functional spaces. Innovative solutions from SYNLawn provide many creative possibilities for using grass in areas never before imaginable.

Roof Deck and Patio System Features


Never needs staining or weather proofing. The cost effective and long lasting alternative to wood or composite decking.

The beauty of gorgeous green grass in a world of concrete and glass. Adding planter boxes can enhance the feeling of being back to nature.


Increase your leisure space by converting your unused areas into your own personal oasis. Our HeatBlock technology keeps things comfy for year-round enjoyment even during the hottest of days.

Revamp your patio deck or terrace into an exciting entertainment area for guests, a recreational area for pets and children, or perhaps your own personal rooftop garden retreat.

Add a little grass to your patio or terrace and Fido has a place to play and go. Our artificial pet grass system keeps your pets clean, free from spread of disease as well as pests like fleas and ticks. No muddy paws!

Conserves water, requires little to no maintenance, no staining, no weather guard, and long product life span make SYNLawn good for the environment.

Lighten the load

SYNLawn provides a lightweight alternative to other roof deck materials making it a perfect solution for older buildings where weight is a factor.

Safety first

SYNLawn provides the only artificial grass product with a Class 1 fire rating making it safe for use with commercial buildings.

Residential and commercial installation

Residential Installation Features:

The SYNLawn rooftop and patio system is expertly installed by qualified professionals to ensure safety and reduce liability.

    Roof, Decks & Patio Products - Strickly Green Grass
  • Professionally trained SYNLawn crews for full-service installations.
  • Safely secured to surface to resist wind and uplift.
  • Sufficient drainage built in from snow and rain.
  • Turf materials are cut to fit in freight elevators and are easy to handle for workers.

Commercial installation features

SYNLawn provides many advantages over other roof deck or patio materials.

  • Nylon artificial grass surface with a class 1 fire rating.
  • Lightweight to meet structure weight guidelines.
  • Contributes to U.S. Green Build Association (USGBA) LEED certification.
  • Exclusive HeatBlock technology in our products reduces surface temperature up to 20%.
  • Provides non-slip surface and is wheelchair accessible.
  • Increases the value of the property by increasing living or use square footage.
  • Provides a venue to host events for commercial properties adding a revenue source.
  • No staining or weather proofing maintenance costs.
  • Long lasting nylon fibers hold up to high foot traffic and wear.


SYNLawn is green on top, in the middle and even underneath. Beyond the color, SYNLawn goes a long way towards better environmental sustainability which makes it truly green. We take measurable steps in providing products that have an extended lifespan, reduce your carbon footprint, conserve water, and use renewable and recycled materials in manufacturing.

Thanks to our exclusive EnviroLoc Backing System, SYNLawns backing is approximately 60-70% green by weight. The EnviroLoc System is an engineered component system which contributes to environmental sustainability. The first component is the primary backing which helps extend the product life cycle by using 10% less material that is stronger and has superior dimensional stability compared to traditional artificial grasses. Product lifespan is further extended on the face by incorporating nylon 6 in the fibers adding up to 50% longer life. The second component is the secondary backing which incorporates BioCel technology. BioCel uses an environmentally-sensitive polyurethane that replaces a large portion of the petroleum-based polymers with soybean oil (renewable resources) and adds Celceram (recycled product of coal combustion) for further strength and stability.

Green building and LEED certification

Using SYNLawn helps environmentally conscience builders and specifiers with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) project certification. Using SYNLawn with EnviroLoc can contribute LEED points in the areas of Water Efficient Landscaping, Recycled Content, Rapidly Renewable Material and Innovation in Design.

Earth friendly

A SYNLawn landscape reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption from lawn equipment.

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