Storm damage insurance claims in Louisville KY Sandusky Construction — Kentucky

Storm damage insurance claims in Louisville KY Sandusky Construction - Kentucky

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 at 12:37 pm

When rough weather rushes through the Louisville KY area, storm damage to your roof is a common result, and needing help with insurance for roof damage is all too common, as well.  Getting help with insurance for roof damage after a hail storm from the professionals at Sandusky Construction is essential for most people, as hail damage insurance claims are often denied for lack of sufficient proof of damage.

IMPORTANT: Keep up to date photos of the condition of your roof.

Sometimes insurance companies deny claims for storm damage, and specifically for hail damage, citing normal weathering of the roof surface as the major cause of damage. Up to date photos can help avoid this situation.

If storm damage is something your local weather patterns seem to cause on a regular basis, it is a good idea to have your roof inspected on a regular basis, and to include photographs in the inspection process. These before and after pictures can often help make your case about storm damage.

Identifying hail damage

Insurance company claims adjusters receive training in identifying the storm damage, and specifically hail damage. Most homeowners do not have the experience or know-how to inspect their roof for storm damage, and an expert inspection is the only way to be certain whether your roof has sustained hail damage. After a hail storm, if you see any hail damage to cars, mailboxes, trees,shrubbery, or out building roofs, you can be pretty certain that if there is damage on the ground, there is very likely hail damage to your roof. This is when you should call in a reliable and experienced roofing expert who can do a physical inspection for you and provide help with insurance for roof damage to your home.  Your roofing expert at Sandusky Construction in Louisville KY, can use his knowledge of roofing and his experience in dealing with insurance claims for roof damage to help you receive all you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

My new roof has a warranty

Storm damage insurance claims in Louisville KY Sandusky Construction - Kentucky

Hail damage is specifically excluded from the warranties manufacturers and roofing contractors provide. This is because newer roofs are actually more vulnerable to hail damage than older roofs. Why? It takes time for a new roof to cure from exposure to the elements. Sandusky Construction’s professional roofers are happy to inspect your roof for hail damage and are prepared to provide help with insurance for roof damage.

Do missing shingles mean wind damage but not hail damage?

Missing shingles indicate wind damage, but they also can happen during a hail storm if the winds are high enough. However, hail damage is often less obviously a threat than missing shingles, and can cause leaks which may not appear until years after a hail storm. Filing a hail damage claim. even if it is denied, might make a claim payment possible later on down the road, especially if there are other claims in the neighboring areas.

Storm damage happens in the Louisville KY area, and finding the right roofing experts to do necessary repairs and help with insurance for roof damage is important. Sandusky Construction has years of experience specifically handling insurance claims for roof damage, and are happy to help you. Visit them at to request a service call to learn more about roof inspection and help with insurance for roof damage.

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