Custom Thatch Roofing and Supplies Safari Thatch Safari Thatch, Inc.

Custom Thatch Roofing and Supplies Safari Thatch Safari Thatch, Inc.

Thatch Roofing

Safari Thatch, as the name implies, specializes in roof thatching methods and products. We supply, manufacture, and install a variety of thatch roofing styles in entertainment and leisure venues all over the world. Our roofs can be seen in hotels, resorts, theme parks, zoos, restaurants, bars, tiki huts, and cabanas all over the world. It’s the finishing touch for any structure that will make for a lasting impression for guests and customers alike. Safari Thatch carries eight different types of thatch roofing products— some with several variations. Whether you are looking for elephant grass that gently sways in the breeze or the island charm of Tahiti Thatch’s palm tree fronds, our natural and synthetic roofing materials create the exotic or tropical look that you require.

Natural Thatch Roofing

We source our natural materials from around the world, and then incorporate them into traditional or modern building techniques to create the most authentic backdrop possible, producing styles as diverse as Caribbean, African, and Pacific Island. Where can natural thatch roofing be used? This material is best used in areas with dry conditions, low humidity and little rainfall. It can also be used indoors, which extends the life of the roofing. Our renewable natural thatch products include:

• Elephant Grass —Stronger than it looks, this light and wispy, yet hardy and long-lasting grass thatch creates a soft, elegant look.

• Mexican Rain Cape —Made of palm fronds, this inexpensive quick-fix is ideal for non- permanent, or indoor applications, to provide an instant tropical feel.

• Tahiti Thatch —This popular material is very durable, even in tropical weather, and is easy to install. It is thick and rustic, and has a really rugged appeal.

• Thatch Reed —Provides a highly groomed “stepped” appearance, and is great both indoors and out. This is our most popular natural thatch, and is the best natural solution for snowy or icy areas.

Synthetic Thatch Roofing

Our synthetic materials are highly realistic, extremely durable, available year-round, and can be used in every environment. It requires NO maintenance, is highly UV-stable, and is made of safe, non-toxic components. It is also 100% recyclable, Class-A fire-rated for safety, and is extruded in an ISO 9000 rated factory which guarantees quality, and ensures you won’t even have to use the 15 or 20-year warranties that are standard with our synthetic thatch. Where can synthetic thatch roofing be used? The versatility and sturdiness of this material makes it an excellent choice for any area, indoors or out, and is especially popular in area with extreme weather conditions, or where fire retardency is of top priority.

Our synthetic thatch products include:

Custom Thatch Roofing and Supplies Safari Thatch Safari Thatch, Inc.

• Bali ViroThatch —This is a perfect imitation of Balinese alang-alang thatch and is easily installed. Think Bora Bora with zero maintenance, fire retardency, hurricane protection, and 20 years of warrantied longevity. The individual strands of thatch are hand-cut for added realism.

• Reed ViroThatch —These cape reed-styled thatch panels are amazingly realistic and bestow the same sculptural quality of traditional African lodges. A “stepped” option nearly identical to our natural thatch reed is also available.

• Java ViroThatch —Very similar to our Bali-style grass thatch, it has a fibrous-textured finish and is ideal for applications where the thatch is viewed up-close – you can’t tell if it’s real or synthetic.

Indoor and Outdoor Uses

Many of our natural and eco-friendly synthetic thatch roofing products are hardy, and work well both indoors and outdoors. In particular, our non-toxic HDPE plastic has been tested for smoke toxicity, and even in the event of extreme fire, the smoke produced is not harmful, unlike many other plastic types such as PVC. We’re happy to talk to you about what kind of thatch roofing will work best for your structures. All test results and documents are available on request.

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