Green Roofing Solutions Holland Roofing

Green Roofing Solutions Holland Roofing

Global climate change is a reality, and sustainable building practices can help organizations do their part to reduce their energy consumption. With our Green Roofing solutions, Holland Roofing can help you help the environment, reduce your energy consumption, and save money, all at the same time. By focusing on recycled materials, living/garden roofs, reflective roofing, locally-sourced materials, interior lighting via skylights, and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), we can build a roof for your business that is both long-lasting and sustainable.

How Much Energy Can Green Roofs Really Save?

Each year in the United States, more than 3 billion square feet of commercial roofing is installed. If all of these roofs were constructed with green roofing guidelines in mind, the first-year savings in heating and cooling demand would exceed 36 trillion BTU – the approximate annual energy usage of 380,000 American homes. The cumulative energy savings after 10 years would replace 185 coal-fired power plants at 2010 levels.

Why Should You Consider Green Roofing Solutions?

Green roofing is less a certain type of roofing system, and more a way of doing things. Conventional commercial roof systems absorb heat from the sun, which pushes that heat into the building. With the increased temperature, the building’s air conditioning system runs more frequently, using more energy. Green Roofing solutions use energy efficient materials and specific installation methods, with an end result of hundreds to thousands of dollars in energy savings each year. To best understand how green practices can help you, it’s important to understand some of the concepts, building materials, and terminology of efficient roofing systems.

Green Roofing Materials:

TPO. TPO is a flexible, flame-retardant single-ply membrane that doesn’t contain plasticizers or chlorine, is 100% recyclable, and is classified as an environmentally safe product. TPO is an excellent temperature regulating material, keeping the heat in the building during the winter and maintaining cool air in the summer.

Garden Roofing. Rooftop Gardens are a great way to use solar energy that would normally be either wasted, or absorbed into your building. With a garden installed over PVC or TPO roof, the temperature of your building will stay consistent and comfortable. To learn more, visit our Garden Roofing Page .

Green Roofing Solutions Holland Roofing

Solar Roofing: Solar Roofing turns the energy savings your project might realize with Garden Roofing and turns it into income. Using photovoltaic solar panels, we can capture solar energy that would otherwise be absorbed into your building, and sell this energy back to your local utility company. The return on investment can be huge. Check out our Solar Roofing page for more on how we can help you decrease your energy consumption and increase your profitability.

Cool Roofs: Cool Roofs utilize reflective roofing materials, which keeps heat generated from the sun off your roof and out of your building. Using these materials, we can help you reduce your energy spend by a significant margin.

Day Lighting: Day lighting is the process of using skylights and light tubes to repurpose sunlight for interior lighting. Commercial and industrial roofs are particular good candidates for Day lighting, as they tend to be flat roofs with a large surface area, which we can use to maximize the amount of sunlight we can bring into your building.

Holland Roofing is here to help you reduce your environmental impact, including the recycling of old, recyclable roofing materials. With so many green roofing solutions, many of which can be implemented together, you have plenty of options. Let us help you create a green roofing plan for your next roofing project. Give us a call today: 1-877-455-7663.

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