Horse Barns

Horse Barns

With a high quality design custom barn does pay off in the long run with fewer barn repair bills, lower maintenance costs, fewer veterinarian visits, and increased property value. Your custom built horse barn should not only save you money, effort and time, we believe it should be a pleasant place to work.

Barn Design Types

Raised Center Aisle Barn (RCA)

The Raised Center Aisle barn design provides excellent cross-through ventilation, natural lighting, traditional look and functionality. The raised center aisle barns (RCA) with either a single or double breezeway are very popular with horsemen (and horsewomen) for their stylish split level roof line, ample natural lighting inside the barn and the superior air flow verses other horse barn designs. RCA’s deliver these benefits while keeping the same basic floor plan of a gable barn.

Ventilation and natural interior lighting is provided by a series of sliding windows installed between upper (clear span aisle) and lower roof line or a roof opening that runs the length of the barn. A nice feature for horse owners is that the elevated center aisle design enables you to mount your horse inside during bad weather. The Double Raised Center Aisle barn (double breezeway) is an excellent choice for space limited equine facilities that have a large number of horses to house and commercial stable operators wishing to minimize the build cost per horse stall.

Our custom barn design capabilities allow you to combine the raised center aisle barn layout with other barn styles to truly personalize your barn. Add higher center roof section, oversized stalls, breeding rooms, cross aisles, gabled front or side porch, living quarters in the loft area, enclosed or open side sheds, to create a safe, weather-protected and aesthetically pleasing area for the care of your horses.

Shedrow Barn

Shedrow barns are available in two basic designs (1) the single inline shedrow barn (one side open) and (2) the double shedrow barn (back to back both sides open) either design provides an economical horse or cattle barn for warmer climates and where space is at a premium. Shedrows share a common wall which reduces building costs and is an excellent choice for space limited horse barns and racetracks.

We offer single or back to back Shedrow designs with spacious horse stalls, swing or sliding doors, heavy gauge steel construction, and minimum maintenance steel exterior in a variety of colors all custom tailored to your requirements.

The overhangs can serve multi purpose functions from shade from the sun, protection from the wind, rain and hail during bad weather, hay and feed storage, vehicle parking, and much more. We offer a variety of overhang lengths to meet your specific application needs.

Popular Shedrow Barn Options include Feed, tack and wash rooms, barn office space, swing, sliding or Dutch doors, custom grilled stall fronts vertical or horizontal, skylights, gutters and down spouts, cupola, weathervane, extended overhangs for auto or tractor parking.

Gable Barns

Gable barns are one of our most popular, cost-effective horse barn solutions available. Gable style barns provide the benefits of a raised center aisle barn (RCA) without the additional material and construction expenses. With the attractive clean roof lines and cost effective building design it is no wonder that the classic gable roof design has become so popular.

Horse Barns

The gable barn design provides more warmth inside the barn for the comfort of your horses during winter and is particularly well suited to cooler climates or applications where too much ventilation is not desirable. For summertime and warmer climates, air movement can easily be controlled through a combination of the breezeway doors, raised center section vents, windows and cupolas, keeping your horses cool and providing healthy barn ventilation.

Whether you need 3 stalls or 30, we can custom build a gable style barn to suit your equine needs. The flexibility of the gable barn design provides many floor plan possibilities and the ability to expand to any size required to comfortably house your equipment, horses, tack, feed and wash rooms. Add the finishing touches to you barn with Dutch doors, solid or grilled divider walls, custom stall fronts, rustic looking tongue and groove wood interiors, hay lofts, sky lights, roof dormers, side porches and more.

Structures For Pastured Animals

Run In Shed / Loafing Sheds / Horse Shelters

Run-in sheds offer your pastured horses protection from the wind, rain, snow, and the intense summer heat. Although simple in design, we build protective sheds and horse shelters to the same construction standards as our custom made barns.

Typically constructed based on a 12′ X 12′ increment per animal, run in and loafing sheds can be built to any required size to meet your livestock or equine needs. A run in shed is a helpful addition to any property that maintains horses or livestock. Horse shelters vary from the simple open shelter with a roof and no walls to three sided enclosed construction with divided stalls, rubber floor mats, water, tack, feed and equipment storage.

Since loafing or run in sheds are constructed inside a paddock or pasture and horses have free access to all sides of the structure special care should be take to ensure that there are no sharp edges or other protrusions that can injure your horse. Protective shelters can provide potential health for your horses by not only offering year round, safe and well ventilated pasture shelter but reducing environmental stress and stress related equine illnesses through allowing freedom of access.

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