How To Make Your Roof More Stylish And Eco-Friendly GreenWerks

How To Make Your Roof More Stylish And Eco-Friendly GreenWerks

Choosing the right roofing material for your home is one of the most important decisions you can make as a homeowner. Your roof will significantly affect the value and maintenance costs of your home, so you want to choose wisely when you decide on materials.

Consider the Weather

One consideration for roofing is weather. Because the city experiences drastic climate differentials with warm summers and cold winters, as well as heavy snow loads, it is important to choose a roofing material that is durable and flexible to changes in temperature, pressure and weight.

It is also important to many people to choose eco-friendly roofing material. By choosing certain roofing substances you can substantially decrease your environmental footprint and may get more wear from your roof than with traditional asphalt shingles. Here are a few tips for choosing a “green” roof that still meets the standards for roofing Denver homes.

Choose a Roofing Contractor that Specializes in Eco-friendly Options

If your contractor will not discuss green roofing materials or tries to discourage you from using them, search for a new contractor. Many Denver roofers are well aware of ways to minimize environmental impact and will give you a great eco-friendly roof at a reasonable price simply by choosing alternative materials. Ask questions to ensure that your roofer understands the options available for green roofing .

Always Use the Method that is the Least Invasive but Will Still Satisfy your Needs

You can often get a few more years out of your current roof by simply repairing small areas. Contractors may not be forthright with the fact that you need a repair instead of a replacement, so always get a second opinion before replacing your entire roof. Even if a new roof is in order, many roofs can be covered over instead of tossing the old shingles, giving you an extra layer of insulation and protection. This helps you minimize the impact of your roofing job by putting less waste into landfills.

Go Truly Green

One of the newest trends is to cover a roof with living vegetation. There are two methods, one of which involves laying a layer of soil two to four feet thick and planting rooted plants; the other involves only a few inches of soil and is far lighter for buildings that will not tolerate a heavy roof. Roofing vegetation provides a great degree of protection from heat and cold, so you can cut your electric bills and offset the relatively high cost of installing these roofs. The upfront cost may be high, but living vegetation will provide your home with comfort for years to come.

Use Recycled Shingles

How To Make Your Roof More Stylish And Eco-Friendly GreenWerks

Shingles made from recycled tires and other rubber materials not only look beautiful but greatly reduce landfill. It is important to weigh the cost of recycled material over traditional shingles with the benefits of using recycled shingles.

Consider natural materials such as wood or stone

If your codes permit, you can use reclaimed wood or natural stone as roofing materials instead of shingles. These substances will have very different lifespans and costs than shingles, so research before you commit. Be sure you have a roofer who understands how to work with these materials as well.

Going green may be a bit more expensive in terms of upfront costs, but the expense is well worth it if you get a roof that serves you well and lessens your impact on our environment.

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