Ozzie Garden Sheds A shed for every home

Ozzie Garden Sheds A shed for every home

Ozzie Garden Sheds

Need Extra Storage? Dont Have Much Space?

Are you tired, frustrated or just worn out with the hassle of having to continually move stuff around your garage or spare room?

Then now is the time to de-clutter your house, garage and garden. So get yourself organised with the most sensible and inexpensive storage solution of them all. An Australian Made Garden Shed, the attractive, smart and affordable storage solution.

A garden shed is an important part of any backyard, so when choosing your style of Garden Shed you need to consider what it needs to store. For example, do you need a small shed to store garden tools or a larger shed for all the families’ bikes, sports equipment and hobby materials or a workshop so you can tinker or make things.

Ozzie Garden Sheds offers storage solutions for people with yards of all sizes.

The huge ranges of Gable Roof, Skillion Roof, Flat Roof or Hooped Roof sheds are priced to suit the budget of most families.

Ozzie Garden Sheds offers a large range of gable roof shed sizes to suit your needs. A gable roof shed has a peak with two sloping roof sides to ensure maximum rain slippage.

The spacious workshop range has tremendous head height clearance. The wall height is 2.0m and the gable height is 2.25m which is ideal for the serious handyman. The workshop range comes with heavy duty framing on all sheds over 4.0m in depth.

All Ozzie Garden Sheds are Australian made and locally manufactured in Sydneys West, Albury NSW or Ballarat Victoria. Therefore you are supporting the local economy and workforce where the employees thank you.

The Store Smart is aimed to convert very small spaces into handy storage areas without restricting access or encroaching on living space.

When you are ready to invest in a shed visit one of our display centre’s and see our full range. Dont take pot luck with a purchase from the net, sight unseen for an inferior product that you will not be happy with. Instead, ignite your senses by touching and seeing our displays, and listening to our expert staff, you will not be disappointed.

We believe that Ozzie Garden Sheds have the best choice for any person wishing to purchase a garden shed as our range of products is exceptional. Our sheds appeal to the value seeking, sensible customer who is looking for style and superior quality from proven products. Our customers can be assured that we will not just meet your expectations but we aim to exceed them.

Our business philosophy is to deliver quality and professional service throughout your entire experience with us why? Because we are grateful for your business.

All our sheds are available as D.I.Y or can be professionally installed by one of our expert installers. So if you are time poor, then let us take the pressure off by allowing us to install it for you. Or, do you want the satisfaction of knowing that you built that new Garden Shed or the peace of mind in knowing your tools are safe for your next D.I.Y project.

So remember this when buying a shed. Anybody can sell cheap sheds at reduced prices. At Ozzie Garden Sheds we only sell quality Garden Sheds and accessories that give you value for your dollar so do not be fooled. If you cannot see it before you purchase it,then do not purchase as there is probably a good reason that they do not want you to see it first.

Our advice, spend an hour not a fortune and discover why our sheds offer you the best value for your money in a convenient location with a relaxed atmosphere.

Come In and browse or just pick up a brochure.

Ozzie Garden Sheds A shed for every home

Remember, if you are looking for a Garden Shed, Storage Shed, Outdoor Shed, Metal Shed Workshop Shed or Tool Shed then call Ozzie Garden Sheds on (02) 47213600.

Dont forget to ask about storage solutions such as, shelving, racks and hooks. Check out our accessories page.

We also Sell the famous

Ozzie Garden Sheds (Landscape Screens)

Have you checked out our beautiful Decorative Landscape screens page there fantastic for brightening up that dull area of your house wall or yard.

Importantly Do not forget to check out our specials page.

Ozzie Garden Sheds is proud to be able to supply you with 3 top locally manufactured Garden shed Brands Oldfields Treco, Ozzie garden Sheds and Advance Sheds and Aviaries. Our website has pages on our entire range of Garden Sheds, Workshops, Storage Boxes, Pool Filter covers, Bird Aviaries, Greenhouses and more.

So please browse and if you find something that you like or have a question than drop us a line as wed love to hear from you.

Regards Les and all the Staff at Ozzie Garden sheds.

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