Roofing Sales Techniques Online Roofing Sales Training Blog Roofing Sales Tips and

Roofing Sales Techniques Online Roofing Sales Training Blog Roofing Sales Tips and

01. Door to Door If you have spent any time at all as a roofing salesman, you probably have realized the importance of the door to door sales method for growing your business. No doubt some or most of you have participated in this type of sales lead generating, and if not then you most likely will begin this activity soon.

I believe that door to door roofing sales is the most effective and perhaps the most difficult way to sell residential roofing. If you are just getting started don’t underestimate the importance of this sales activity, and work to hone this essential skill.

Here are a few questions that you need to have answers to before you knock the door. Why might this person want to talk to you about a new roof? There may have been a hailstorm in the area. As roofing salesmen that is a great thing. You may have seen other damage, wind, curled shingles, fiberglass mat. You may have seen a new roof being put on by a neighbor. Have an idea of why you decided to knock on that door. Have a purpose. What am I going to say when they answer?

You have to know where you are going before they answer. If you hesitate, the sale is over. If you stumble, the sale is over. If you don’t lead the conversation, the sale is over. Practice what you are going to say. It is in my opinion that you have 10 – 15 seconds to break the wall down before the proverbial sales door closes.

Here was my cold call sales pitch. My name is Joel Schenk with (insert company name). I have been in your area giving free roofing inspections for a few of your neighbors. I noticed some damage on your roof, and was wondering if you might be interested in a free inspection.

Keep in mind this is a cold call. You are going to hear every objection in the book. It is ok you are looking for just one person to say yes. Be able to adapt your sales pitch. What am I going to do if they give me the opportunity? You have to work to earn the business. In my opinion this is what roofing sales is all about. Roofing sales is not knocking doors. Roofing sales is not getting on somebody’s roof. Roofing sales is not giving out estimates. Roofing sales is not just getting the deal closed. Roofing sales is all about creating opportunities to build warmer markets.

If you don’t see damage, tell the customer. Begin to build trust for the future. You never know what opportunities might be created by working to earn someone business.

Roofing Sales Techniques Online Roofing Sales Training Blog Roofing Sales Tips and

02. Residual Relationships One of the sales techniques that I made a priority in my work week, and on that I spent time training my sales team on was building relationships that would generate income each year. Residual sales relationships are the basis of how I helped grow our business every year for 8 straight years.

In our video series we will go deeper into these sales relationships. Residual sales relationship can be made with builders, general contractors, homeowners, insurance agencies, property management companies, ect. One of the best residual sales relationships that I found was with real estate agents. There is one essential aspect of relationship that makes it last and that is trust. Build residual sales relationship founded on trust and watch the work poor in.

03. Lead Generating Companies There are many companies today that will provide qualified sales leads for specific target groups. I have used service magic a number of times to generate business. If you are thinking about using these types of tools, which can be great resources allow me to give you a couple tips. Be first You have to be the first to respond. I found that when we came in second or third for a bid, we usually didn’t get the deal.

Ask questions – You have to ask questions of the homeowner. Most of these services provided a detail job description provided by the homeowner. Now we know that most homeowners really don’t know what they need

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