Why PVC Flat Roof & PVC Roof Installation Services in MA & CT ID Flat Roof

Why PVC Flat Roof & PVC Roof Installation Services in MA & CT ID Flat Roof

IB Roof Systems (IB) manufactures PVC membranes which are reinforced with synthetic threads and are 50, 60 or 80 millimeters thick. For most residential applications 50 mil membrane is sufficient enough while 80 mil is mostly used on commercial buildings with high foot traffic. The high points of IB membranes are:

· Lifetime warranty

All residential roof installations are covered for life! This means that you will have the warranty for as long as you own your house. Commercial warranties are also an industry best, up to 25 years of material coverage!

· Sustainability

Due to the unique and patented formulation of their PVC, IB Roof Systems membranes are very durable and designed to weather all climates across the United States for decades. With a successful track record of 35 years without a materials failure, an IB Roof System will outlast two, three, maybe four or more traditional roofs in its lifetime. And at the end of its long service life, it can be 100% recycled.

· Energy savings

White PVC membranes reflect almost 90% of the sunlight, significantly reducing the amount of heat that enters your home or office through the roof during the hotter months of the year. A black roof, for example will be twice as hot as the outside temperature. A white roof will be just 5 degrees warmer. On a 75 degree day a black roof is 150 degrees while a white roof is a mere 80 degrees to the touch. This high reflectivity factor results in lower electrical bills since you don’t need to run an air conditioning system nearly as much and the system is only cooling off 80 degree air at the roof surface and not 150 degree air.

· Easy maintenance and repair.

IB membranes do not require any special maintenance once they are installed. And in the rare instance that something damages the membrane through an accidental act, we can easily repair the membrane for decades, as the special formulation in the PVC prevents it from curing and allows for bonding new membrane to aged membrane should the need arise.

· Ponding water resistance

Why PVC Flat Roof & PVC Roof Installation Services in MA & CT ID Flat Roof

IB membranes are specially manufactured to withstand ponding water. In fact, most swimming pools and life boats are made of flexible PVC so being impervious to ponding water comes natural. The reason PVC is warranted for ponding water and black rubber roofs arent is because the seams on PVC roofs are heated and literally melted together, creating an impenetrable bond that is stronger than the membrane itself. Black rubber roofs are glued down at the seams and edges, and eventually fail. We see it time and time again, day in and day out. IB Roof Systems is so sure of their membranes that the lifetime warranties are still good even when ponding water is present.

· Fire resistance

Unlike traditional roofing materials that are either flammable or can support a burning flame, IB membranes have a Class “A” rating for fire resistance, thus suppressing flames rather than supporting them. The C in PVC represents chloride, a naturally fire-resistant compound and is inherently resistant to burning.

· Reliability

IB Roof Systems not only manufactures superior roofing membranes but also manufactures a full range of PVC accessories such as flashings, vents, drains, corners, edge metals and more. By integrating PVC components into the full roof system rather than using field wrap methods where workers make their own flashings and drains like other membrane installers, IB Roof Systems is able to provide their lifetime materials warranty to all their residential clients who never have to worry about their flat or low-sloped roof ever again.

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