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I have trusted yelp reviews to give me guidance when I have little knowledge or experience on what Im looking for. I live in Mountain View and I have had a roof leak at the kitchen vent for years. In the past, I was able to do repairs that would minimize the leak, but never completely stopped it. The first rain this year was a small one, but I could see the leak was worse. It was time to have this done by a professional. I read the Yelp reviews and decided to use Falcon Roofing. I made the call and was told someone would call me to set up a day and time to see the problem. A few days went by and no call. I called them back to and told them that no one had called me. This time I got a return call. I picked the 8am to 9am window for next Saturday morning. 9am comes and goes as does 9:30. At 9:45 I called Falcon Roofing and told them I had an appointment for the morning and no one showed up. I was told someone would call me shortly. The call came in from Richard, and said he was on his way. Richard shows up at 10:30, inspects the leaking area and gives me a price to do the work. The price seemed to fair to me and Richard said the work would be done on the following Friday. Not knowing if anyone was going to show up on Friday to do the work, after the phone call scenario, I called Friday morning to confirm. I was told someone would be by in the afternoon. I got home around 3pm and there were no trucks, I looked at the kitchen vent from what I could see from the ground. It didnt look like any worked had been performed. I called and let them know no one showed up. I was told I would get a call shortly. About 5 minutes later I received a picture on my cell, then a call, it was Richard informing me the area had been repaired and the picture showed the finished work. So, with all the unreturned phone calls and the late appointment time, why did I give them 5 stars? In construction, and this includes repairs, the ultimate repair is when the job is finished, you would never know anyone was there, but the repair is fixed. There was no mess, no clean up I had to do, nothing. Thats why I thought no one showed up to do the work. I would recommend Falcon Roofing, the only caveat I would have from my experience, persistence can be your friend. I will follow up with a report after our first rain to let you know if the leak is fixed.

Mario and his team came out to my home in December of 2012 after the rain storms had made it clear that there was a leak in my roof.  Within 4 days, the repairs had been completed satisfactorily and I got a new solar+electric attic fan installed, in addition to some patchwork done on the roof.

Im writing today, 1+ year later because Im now filing my taxes for 2013 and Mario had upsold me on the solar fan by touting the tax credit I could take advantage of.  However, after 4 email requests, and multiple phone calls over the course of the past year I still havent been provided details on my purchase, a final receipt, or an itemized statement so that I can claim the tax credit.  I had been in contact with Mario, Miguel (supposedly the Office Manager), and at least one woman, and was repeatedly assured that they would get right on the request, or, that they were shocked that I hadnt received anything yet.  Time after time, they said theyd send me the requested details but were never able to look up the data on my service live while I was on the phone.

The initial service and quality of service of the work done on my house was great, but backend customer service has been horrendous and Ive wasted way too much time on trying to track down the needed information so I can claim the tax credit.

Overall service Id rate very high, but due to terrible backend customer service Im rating Falcon Roofing 1 star.  I feel cheated that Mario upsold me to the solar fan with the lure of the tax credit (costing me an additional

$250) but theyve not been able/willing to provide me with the needed documentation for me to get the tax credit.

3/28, an update on this one:  After I wrote the above Yelp review, Mario reached out via phone, and followed up in person to apologize.  He also helped rectify the situation by reimbursing me the amount I would have received with the tax credit.  Very impressed with his closure of this issue — hes a stand-up guy, and does good work.

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