Grand Rapids Roofing Contractors in Memphis TN — M of Memphis

Grand Rapids Roofing Contractors in Memphis TN - M of Memphis

Grand Rapids Roofing Contractors in Memphis TN

How Do Grand Rapids Roofing Contractors Stay in Business for Close to 50 Years? keeps their Grand Rapids roofing prices low – Mr Roof will provide you with up to six options for your roof; you can then choose the option that best suits your budget.

Grand Rapids roofing contractors are a phone call away – but did you know that on average, Grand Rapids roofers stay in business for less time than the actual warranty they are offering? According to a recent Yellow Pages study, two-thirds of the Grand Rapids roofing contractors listed in a 10-year-old phone book are not around today! Mr Roof has been roofing Grand Rapids and its neighboring Michigan cities since 1962. We have over 50,000 satisfied customers and we carry an A+ rating with the Grand Rapids BBB (Better Business Bureau)! When it comes to roofing Grand Rapids, MI and its neighboring areas, Mr Roof can’t be beat!

Grand Rapids roofing systems are under extreme pressure during winters. Since we have been providing new roof systems for close to 50 years, we know how to build a “snow-proof roof.” Our Grand Rapids roofing contractors know how roofs react to snow load, melting, re-freezing, gutter back ups, and ice dams, and how to prevent melted snow from damaging the interior of your home. We begin by recognizing the type of roof-related problems you may have previously experienced. Next, we do a rooftop inspection, seeking potential problem areas. Then, we install the appropriate ventilation products. Lastly, we install high performance underlayments, which stop melting snow from penetrating your home.

Many Grand Rapids roofing contractors and homeowners don’t realize that improperly ventilated roofs are often the cause of winter ice buildup and snow leakage. Many “off the shelf” ventilation products cause snow to blow into the attic as a result of improper installation, an insufficient amount of vents, or using low-grade materials. Mr Roof offers a superior line of ventilation products to prevent this from happening. With Mr Roof, the entire perimeter of your home is protected from the harshest winter climates that Michigan offers.

Our warranty is unsurpassed – Mr Roof stands behind your roof for as long as you live in your home! In fact, we’ll even transfer your warranty once if you decide to sell your home.

Roofing Grand Rapids Mr Roof’s shingle is superior – With our Thunderguard Lifetime Roofing System, you will never need to replace your roof again…ever! We begin with a heavy-duty polyglass mat, then add rubberized asphalt, and vulcanize the ceramic granules into the shingle. The shingle is so tough and durable that State Farm Insurance Company will actually provide a discount on your homeowners insurance policy when Grand Rapids roofing systems are completed with Mr Roof’s Thunderguard Lifetime Roofing System…it’s that good of a shingle.

One-day installation guarantee – Mr Roof will complete your Grand Rapids roofing service in one day. That means our Grand Rapids roofers will deliver your new roofing shingle, remove your old roof, dispose of debris, install your new roof, and clean up – all in the same day, guaranteed. We have yet to find other Grand Rapids roofing contractors that can make that claim.

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