Home Selling What exterior colors should we use to improve curb appeal Are green roofs still in -

Home Selling What exterior colors should we use to improve curb appeal Are green roofs still in -


The thing to remember about committing to a roof of an other than normal color is to consider that it will likely limit the color of your home for as long as the roof is on the home and that by making a drastic change, this could cost you in terms of interested buyers should you decide to sell in the future. Not everyone will be attracted to an unusual color roof.


jkgoode. Agent, Burnsville, MN

Hi Suzanne,

Here-here to Cameron's answer! To elaborate of the color choice. NEUTRAL, NEUTRAL, NEUTRAL with CLASS. is the answer. You want to attract the widest range of possible buyers loving the exterior of your home. Curb appeal is the FIRST and lasting impression they will get when approaching the house. This does affect the reactions they feel as they walk into the house. If you have a unpalletable color outside, you can guarantee this bad taste in their mouth will carry through to the interior expecting and LOOKING for more bad taste and reasons to bid lower or not at all. It's hard to give you an actual color without seeing your home and the neighborhood. You want to stand out as the best but not the obnoxious. If you have not signed on exclusively with a realtor, you can send me pic's I'd love to help you out (if you're signed on, by law, I can't step on toes). Be sure to neaten up/pull/weed/trim the front landscape also.

In the metro area it has become somewhat of a beauty contest when you are expecting the highest value in the shortest amount of time, otherwise buyers may expect fire sale prices. Buyers can afford to be choosier, drag their heals and expect a more finished home in the price range they are looking for as the market inventor is high. The Beauty Contest is more important inside with staging your home, ask your realtor for suggestions, sometimes it becomes disheartening to a seller with honest opinions, but remember to look at the SOLD sign instead of the FOR SALE FOREVER sign and appeal to the widest range of potential buyers. If you have a good realtor in the Twin Cities this should be part of their package of preparing your home for sale inside and out, advise or even providing staging consultation, etc.

As for the ROOF: If you meant green, as in the color. run far from this. and fast. Put in a mixed neutral, darker than the siding color, that compliments a pallet of colors so if the buyer chooses they can change the color easily. Be sure the colors fit the style of your home, ask your agent if they are savvy on design or as Cameron stated, pick pre-chosen colors from Home Depot to compliment your siding. Your front door can stand some color if the screen door shows it nicely or no screen. If your home doesn't offer a lot of high end inside, it may be wise to boast all the NEW exterior upgrades in marketing. Don't go overboard on the green — earth end yet, I don't believe you'll get the return on your investment on the sale at this stage of the game, this may depend on the value of your home too. In my experience, some new home buyers tend to overlook the roof unless it's in obvious disrepair or the age is pointed out by the realtor, note: in higher end homes it is expected to be in good shape for the most part.

Long and windy, but hope this helps you out. Any further questions just email and I'd be happy to help you out.

Take care and good luck to you!

Jody Goode

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