How to Remove Moss from Shingle Roofs

How to Remove Moss from Shingle Roofs

November 18, 2013. Home Roof

Being exposed to external factors like air and moisture all the time, your roof is an ideal place for moss to grow since they develop really fast in cool and moist areas. Most often we ignore little moss on our roofs and let it grow up until it is noticeable from distance. But it can be extremely tough to take away grown up moss from rooftops, especially shingle roofs. Fully spread moss coverts a rooftop into a living culture, making shingles almost completely invisible.

Since no one wants likes roofs full with moss, learning some effective ways to eradicate moss will be helpful. Here are some tips for the same:

Removal of Moss – Preventive Measures

A moist and shady climate is what interests moss the most. You can control moss growth by taking away the shade from your roof. Start with trimming trees and their branches so that more sunlight can penetrate in and reach your rooftop. Also, cut bushes and other unnecessary plants around that block the sun.

  1. 2.    Create Acidic climate on the Roof

Some common fruits and chemicals have pH level below 4 and can be used to destroy moss. You can apply acidic items like lemon juice, distilled white vinegar, orange juice and tomato juice to the moss on and beneath the shingles on your roof. But since these acid products are able to erode most surface types including shingles, consider diluting them before applying.

  1. 3.    A Base Environment

The ideal pH environment for moss to grow is around 5.0 to 6.0 and you can affect its growth by making some changes in pH level. Taking the pH level above 7 would be highly effective for killing the moss. You can use household items like salt, baking soda, ammonia, baking powder and soap to prepare a base solution. Use plain water to mix these bases together for roof cleaning and if the moss is too dense, apply concentrated solution only.

What Not to Do to Kill Moss!

Since roof is one of the biggest investments in building a home, it becomes highly important to protect it. So, when you are trying to take moss away from your rooftop, there are things you should always keep in mind.

  • Avoid pressure-washing your roof, for it’s too heavy on shingles and reduces their life
  • Never attempt to scrape moss as it may crack, rip or break shingles
  • Be careful while applying chemicals or acids to remove the moss. Thick acidic mixture when stays for long on your roof can erode shingle

Roof Replacement as a Permanent Solution

If moss has done huge damage to your roof, it is better replacing it with a new roof instead of spending unnecessarily on repair or cleaning! And then there’s no point in wasting both time and money on something that can no longer meet your functional needs.

Once you’ve got a brand new roof, develop a habit of regularly checking if there’s any growth of moss there. If you notice even the tiniest mosses on your roof, apply any one of the above mentioned techniques to destroy them, for they’ll grow up again and prove to be a major problem later on!

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