Rays Roofing & Repair is a well known roofing company in Olathe KS

Rays Roofing & Repair is a well known roofing company in Olathe KS

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Our roofing company started its operations 20 years ago in Olathe KS. The services that we offer are of the highest level for quality and our prices are affordable for every client. We perform all types of roof repair that require basic or partial replacement.

Rays Roofing & Repair

Address: 12880 S Lakeshore Dr, Olathe, KS 66061-5015

Give us a call on (913) 780-4490 !

We dare to say that we are competitive because we comply with several conditions:

We are committed to offering high quality and only using top-notch roofing products. When we deliver materials to the site, they are always accompanied by a certificate of quality, so youre sure that what youve ordered is actually what you receive. We do not dare to raise the price of our services, whether it refers to a main or partial roof repair. Before we take your order, we will prepare several options, but will leave the choice entirely to you.

Each building, after some years of utilization, requires an entire or partial overhaul. The roof is one of the most important structures of a house. It protects your family against harsh weather conditions which have a direct influence on the property in which you live. When you need to repair your roof or attic, you will need to do some research. It will be necessary for you to hire a professional roofer like Rays Roofing & Repair of Olathe KS, because you cannot do the job yourself. Our expert will calculate the volume of work and will determine the materials to be used.

If you live in an old building and the repair of your roof is essential, it may be necessary not only to replace the rusty shingles. To last longer, your roof should be entirely replaced. Some owners believe that lightweight roofing structures are better because they do not burden the building. But in fact, the heavier the materials, the more long lasting and durable they are.

The loft is situated directly under your roof and has a sloped shape. Its windows are called skylights. When our roofer starts to repair, apart from the roof and shingle replacements he will also reinforce the skylights plates. They are made mainly of sheet copper, but can also be of galvanized steel.

Whenever you decide to undertake a repair project you should consider that it must be consistent with other characteristics. During the summer and hot days, temperatures in most attics usually rise and during the winter, the low temperatures lead to consumption of more energy for heating. To avoid this anomaly within your Olathe KS property our roofing contractor will provide the required insulation thickness.

Trust our roofing contractor because he offers a full range of comprehensive services here are some of them:

- Complete roof replacement

- Thorough inspection and resurfacing of the roof tiles

- Removing and installing gutters

- Replacement of metal cladding

- Chimneys: plastering and sealing with steel

- Drain gutters installation, dismantlement with new braces

- Cleaning mud, laying insulation paper and shingles

- Straighten slopes with new beams and boards

- Replacing drain gutters

We have provided thousands of clients in the Olathe KS area with roof replacement services and have gained the necessary experience in the field of roofing systems. Our roofing company has proven over the years to be a reliable partner who responsibly fulfills his commitments within the time limit agreed in advance. Should you require more information on our services and affordable pricing rates, dont hesitate to call Rays Roofing & Repair right away at (913) 780-4490 .

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